Monday, December 30, 2013

Blank Template for 2014 Predictions and Prognostications

It's that time of the year again for predictions. The analysts and media pundits are already providing opinions on global markets and world economics for 2014. Analysts and traders across the board are calling for the SPX above 2000 in 2014. The blank template below provides a guide to record your own predictions for 2014. Forecasting one year in advance is very difficult and the assessment of the prior year's predictions are always comedic. Nonetheless, the thought process to arrive at numbers is important and the task itself is important to the development of any trader.

Keystone will assess last year's 2013 predictions and post the 2014 predictions as well.  An empty template is provided below where you can print and assign your own predictions. Forecasting is a big part of trading and it all starts with recording numbers so you have something to reference in the future. Have a friendly bet with a friend or two while honing your prediction skills.  Place the predictions in an envelope in a desk drawer to be referenced one year from now. Then you can place the envelope to your forehead and announce that you have foretold the future, just like Carnac the Magnificient of Johnny Carson fame.

Template for 2014 Market and Economic Predictions:

2014 Predictions By ________________________________:
Date: ______________.

SPX High for 2014:
SPX Close for 2014:
SPX Low for 2014:
Dollar Range ($USD):
Dollar Closing Price ($USD):
Euro Range ($XEU):
Euro Closing Price ($XEU):
10-Year Note Yield Range ($TNX):
10-Year Note Closing Yield ($TNX):
30-Year Bond Yield Range ($TYX):
30-Year Bond Closing Yield ($TYX):
Unemployment Rate % Range:
Unemployment Rate % December 2014:
GDP in December 2014:
WTIC Oil Range ($WTIC):
WTIC Oil Closing Price ($WTIC):
Natty Gas Closing Price ($NATGAS):
Gold Range ($GOLD):
Gold Closing Price ($GOLD):
Copper Range ($COPPER):
Copper Closing Price ($COPPER):
Commodities Range ($CRB):
Commodities Closing Price ($CRB):
China Growth Rate % Range:
China Growth Rate % December 2014:
Other Notes and Predictions:

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