Friday, February 15, 2019

SPX S&P 500 2-Hour Chart; Overbot; Rising Wedge; Negative Divergence; Upper Band Violation; Near-Term Top At Hand

The SPX 2-hour chart is topping out again. Each time the stock market tops out, President Trump or the Fed or other central bankers step in to pump stocks higher. The happy talk with the US-China trade deal pumps equities higher today. A government shutdown is also averted and King Trump decrees an emergency to fund the southern border wall with Mexico. Stocks rally but the chart says down.

Remember, the CPC and CPCE put/calls, and elevated NYMO, have yet to reconcile so stocks need to sell off significantly to shake out this ongoing euphoric joy in markets. Aunt Harriet took her life saving to the broker and told him to buy the market on the long side; she wants to own tech stocks. The neighbor, Carl, who drinks a lot of beer, told her she is missing the train leaving the station. He invested his life savings in Amazon yesterday.

The RSI and stochastics are coming off the overbot levels agreeable to selling. The rising wedge is a bearish pattern. The indicators are all in negative divergence (red lines) wanting to see a smack down in price. The upper standard deviation band was violated so the middle band at 2744 is on the table as well as the lower band at 2704.

The SPX daily chart needed to set up with neggie d to identify a sturdy near-term top, which it did, but again, the trade deal joy pushes stocks higher. The SPX daily chart is in neggie d except for the MACD line so watch that closely. Do not be surprised if stocks sell off this afternoon into the closing bell to end the week. This may allow the MACD line on the daily chart to register neggie d.

In other words, a significant near-term top is likely at hand right now. Get shorty. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Note Added 3:00 PM EST: Minutes ago, the SPX prints 2771 at the intraday highs of the day at the 2772 palindrome. The stock market bulls are drunk as skunks from Trump champagne and Fed wine. Investors are partying like its 1999, before the closing bell, which may be a big mistake. Traders are care-free since the SPX is up a big 25 points. A trader yells, "Par-tay" as he buys six big blocks at the ask. Another trader is wearing a lampshade on his fat head celebrating daily stock gains that he says will never end.

Note Added 3:09 PM EST: The SPX is at 2771. The bulls are laughing and singing songs. The band plays on. The Fed booze and Trump Vodka is flowing like water.

Note Added 3:12 PM EST: Whooopsies, daisies. A wee bit of slippage with the SPX to 2768. One of the drunks on the trading floor falls down but laughs heartily, crawls to his knees and hand signals a buy of 5 more contracts at the ask.

Note Added 3:18 PM EST: SPX 2767.

Note Added 3:25 PM EST: The SPX is at 2768. Freddy Fafooshnik, floor manager at Shyster and Son brokerage, is stumbling around with a wine glass in his hand telling young traders to go ahead and buy since stocks will keep going up.

Note Added 3:43 PM EST: The SPX is at the 2772 palindrome HOD. Traders are singing, "Happy Days Are Here Again." They sing "For He's a Jolly-Good Fellow" to King Trump and Emperor Powell praising these money God's that can make stocks go higher by simply turning their thumbs skyward. The TICK machine is only at +400. It pegged +1200 at the opening bell and +800 about a half-hour ago when the high in the SPX was printed; now another high on less enthusiasm. The VIX is down to 14.81. They are jamming volatility lower to print a nice finish for the bulls today. The SPX gains 28 points to 2774 the HOD.

Note Added 3:47 PM EST: Jam it baby. VIX 14.79 LOD. SPX 2775 HOD. They want the happy finish for the weekend. Monday is a holiday, President's Day, so the stock market is closed which explains the buoyancy today. Equities usually trend higher before a three-day holiday weekend. Traders can also thank the president for the rally in front of President's Day.

Note Added 4:20 PM EST: The S&P 500 ends the session and week with a big 30-point rally, +1.1%, to 2776 at the HOD. The VIX ends at 14.99 off the LOD at 14.79.

Unemployment Claims Weekly Chart; Claims at Multi-Decade Lows; Rising 4-Week Moving Average Hints that Recession is Approaching

The weak Retail Sales dominated the headlines yesterday although the Jobless Claims are far more interesting. One of the key metrics that a recession is approaching, is a rise in unemployment claims. Any high school kid can figure this one out. People lose their jobs in a sick stagnant economy that is falling into or already in recession. Duh. It is a no-brainer.

Typically a rise in claims for 5 or 6 months (trending higher) signals the start of a recession. This metric always occurs ahead of a recession although it can provide occasional false signals. Claims sometimes rise for 5 or 6 months but a recession does not occur and the claims resume a downward trend again. Of course, the Wall Street Einstein's unanimously proclaim that this is the current state of affairs right now and any softness in the claims data will improve going forward. We will find out who is swimming naked as the weeks play out.

Claims bottomed in mid-September 2018. We are in mid-February 2019. That's 5 months. Interesting. Claims are rising for 5 or 6 months indicating that a recession is likely coming a lot faster than anyone expects. Perhaps the drastic drop in Retail Sales reinforces this trend forward?

Claims are at multi-decade lows the lowest since the late 1960's and early 1970's. Back then, Keystone sported a tie-dye tee shirt with a peace symbol on it, long hair past the shoulders and grooved to the rock and roll sounds of Led Zeppelin. The 70's was the best decade in America's recent past far better than now.

Back on point, companies do not lay off workers in strong economic times, hence, claims are low. However, the Federal Reserve and other central bankers have destroyed all price discovery over the last decade so no one knows what anything is worth anymore as well as the impact to years of economic data. The low claims numbers may actually reflect the ongoing weak economy, for years only propped up by central bankers that are protecting the wealthy that own large stock portfolios. Companies hang on with their bare-bones staff levels but as the business activity and sales remain soft, they finally give-up and close the doors. If they cut any more employees, the business cannot function. Perhaps we are seeing the end game where business owners say to H*ll with it all and permanently close the doors. Claims rise.

The green downward-sloping channels show economic and market joy. Claims are falling during this period representing economic positivity. The wine is flowing like water and everyone that wants a job can typically find work, although it may be for a big cut in pay. The economy and markets are boosted over the last decade by the Federal Reserve and other global central bankers, all acting in collusion, to keep the stock market party going to reward and protect the wealthy elite class.

The red upward-sloping channels show the trend change ongoing. Five months ago, claims bottomed and have been moving higher ever since (there is the one bleep lower at the end of last year). This upward move in claims creates the rising 4-week moving average. Generally, the economy and markets are great when the 4-wk MA is dropping but sad when it is rising.

The 4-wk MA on the claims chart has a H&S (head and shoulders) pattern vibe to it. A head at 208K and neckline at 228 would boost the 4-wk MA to 248K-250K should the H&S play out. That would get everyone's attention.

The claims numbers just went from a laissez-faire who-cares weekly data release to an extremely critical and key employment data point each week. Watch the numbers closely and note the progress of the charts above. Claims are released every Thursday morning at 8:30 AM EST. Be there or be square as we said in the 70's. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Note: The FRED chart is from the St Louis Fed that provides a lot of useful data and charts to the public. The Claims and 4-Wk MA chart is provided by Econoday, a great site to view the economic calendars, and they work in conjunction with Haver Analytics.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

CPC Put/Call Ratio and SPX S&P 500 Daily Chart; Near-Term Stock Market Top At Hand

As would be expected after today's upside stock market rally, the put/call ratios retreat lower deeper into complacency and fearlessness signaling a near-term top at hand. As the famous scholar Alfred E Neuman says, "What? Me Worry?" The central banker dovishness around the world creates a planet awash in liquidity. Traders are singing songs while buying stocks at the ask. Investors are drinking Fed wine and ECB champagne throwing money at equities without worry or concern about price. Timmy Trader, high on the BOJ crack, is telling everyone to "buy, buy, buy" before the train leaves the station.

The complacency is rampant in the stock market. Traders are convinced that stocks will keep moving higher, after all, the SPX crossed above the 200-day MA at 2743 today closing at 2744. Investors that do not know a moving average from shinola are touting this feat as unequivocal proof that stocks will rally higher indefinitely. Pie-eyed traders, woozy from too much PBOC rice wine, are telling senior citizens to invest their life savings in the stock market. You know what happens when everyone is on one side of the boat partying like its 1999, as Prince would say.

If the stock market tanks, what will global investors think of the central banks? For over a decade all faith and confidence is wrapped up in these corrupt institutions that perform the bidding of the wealthy class. Central bankers maintain dovishness to pump stocks higher which rewards the wealthy elite that own large stock portfolios. When Fed members leave their positions and return to private life they are rewarded with lucrative speaking engagements at the investment banks. This is how the crony capitalism system operates in America. One hand washes the other for the top 20 million people in America's elite class; they are the new Gilded Age riding roughshot over the 300 million huddled masses.

The drop should be about 40 to 100 handles on the SPX when it begins the retreat any hour any day ahead. If the selling becomes nasty and equities drop like stones, will confidence be shaken in the central banks? Will global investors realize these mere mortals have no idea what they are doing? The Fed and others are simply making it up as they go along. The game is over if confidence is lost in the central bankers. If the SPX comes down to test the 2350 low, and fails, would that super panic the central banks? And super panic investors? The Federal Reserve, ECB, BOJ, PBOC and others begin the year with dovishness out the wazoo; how would it be viewed if stocks fall despite this central banker largess? It would signal that the end game is here. Do you think this scenario will happen during the weeks and months ahead? A tradeable bottom in the stock market will not occur until the CPC moves above 1.20. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

SPX S&P 500 2-Hour Chart; Overbot; Negative Divergence

Bullish traders are tripping over each other today buying stocks with reckless abandon. In these final minutes it wold be wise to bring on some index shorts. The chart was already in complete negative divergence (maroon lines) so there was no reason for price to come back up but the happy talk news bites take precedence. The chart adjusts higher to the potential agreement by Congress that will avert a government shutdown and President Trump is talking-up the US-China trade talks.

The indicators are in neggie d again (red lines) with the higher high in price and the stochastics and RSI are/were overbot also agreeable to a pullback. The SPX is at 2742 trying to break up through the 2743-2747 resistance zone. HOD 2748.19. The 10-month MA is 2747. The 200-day MA is 2743. The 100-day MA is 2699. 

The SPX is above the key 12-month MA at 2730, so the stock market is now in a cyclical bull market pattern (give this a few days or week or two to see if it sticks).

The 50-week MA is 2731 so the SPX may want to come down to back kiss this critical 2730-2731 level again and make a bounce or die decision at this pivot point. It is the decider of whether equities are in a cyclical bull or cyclical bear market; as of today a cyclical bull.

The SPX did not quite tag the upper standard deviation band at 2753 so that must be respected. Regardless, the middle band, also the 20 MA, is in play at 2716. Also, there is the tiniest sliver of bull juice remaining with the MACD line and money flow. These fumes may provide a last hurrah for the SPX after tomorrow's (Wednesday) opening bell where price may tag that upper band. Stocks are usually bullish from Tuesday into Wednesday during OpEx week.

The low CPC and CPCE put/call ratios and elevated NYMO have yet to reconcile so a drop of from 40 to 100 handles in the S&P 500 looms near. This pending spankdown in the 2-hour chart above should provide the start of the downside and then the negativity may feed on itself.

The SPX should top out now in this 2-hour time frame. The only thing that can change the game is happy talk from President Trump, the Federal Reserve or other global central bankers. The central bankers are the market. Conversely, if negative news occurs, such as a failure in the US-China trade talks, that would be a catalyst that would immediately spank the pending downside into high gear. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

SPX S&P 500 Monthly Chart; Battle for Cyclical Stock Market Control at the 12-Month MA at 2730

Thwack. Smack. Slap. Thwap. The bulls and bears battle at the key 12-month MA at 2730 which determines whether the stock market is in a cyclical bull or cyclical bear market pattern. Price is at ..... wait for it...... wait a little bit longer for it ......... 2730. The S&P 500 is coming up from the underside for a back kiss of the 12. Stocks will bounce or die from this pivot point and dictate the direction ahead for weeks and months to come.

This week is OpEx week so the professional traders are playing the Tuesday to Wednesday buoyancy in stock prices that typically occurs. Stocks usually move from a Tuesday low to a Wednesday high during OpEx week.

The HOD is 2739. Price is now printing 2733 at 10:44 AM EST on Tuesday, 2/12/19. This price action at the 12-month MA is for all the marbles. The 50-week MA is 2731 creating a strong resistance gauntlet today at 2730-2731.

If the stock market bulls win today, and create the start of a new cyclical bull market above the 12-month MA at 2730, the bears would have one last chance to stop the upside joy at the 2743-2747 resistance level. The 10-month MA is 2747. The 200-day MA is 2743. The 100-day MA is 2699. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Note Added 11:03 AM EST: The SPX is at 2740.33 pushing the stock market into a cyclical bull market pattern (of course you have to give it a few days or couple weeks to see if the signal sticks). The HOD prints a couple minutes ago at 2741.02. The stock market bulls are singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" while drinking Fed champagne and buying stocks with reckless abandon. The bulls proclaim that there is nothing but upside ahead and they say they cannot be stopped. The buoyancy is more due to happy trade talk, a potential agreement on the government shutdown and the expected Tuesday to Wednesday OpEx buoyancy. Note that the big euphoric jump in stocks is met with a more subtle slump in volatility. The VIX maintains a 15-handle at 15.38 briefly printing 14.95 earlier. Considering the huge upside and market joy, the VIX would instead be expected to be well into the 14's moving toward a 13-handle. The drama continues.

Note Added 11:15 AM EST: The SPX punches out another HOD at 2742.30, however, the VIX is at 15.35 perhaps hesitant to move lower. The bulls are looking at that 2743-2747 resistance and know if they get up through that it is smooth sailing. The bears are overturning tables and chairs and setting up a strong barricade of resistance at 2743-2747. The battle continues.

Note Added 12:44 PM EST: The bulls are singin' songs and carryin' on. The SPX prints a HOD at 2745 puncturing the 2743-2747 resistance gauntlet. The S&P 500 trades through 2740-2745 for the last couple hours and is now printing 2741. Interestingly, as the SPX is pumped higher by ecstatic joyous bulls, the VIX moves sideways and now moves higher to 15.62. Volatility should be moving lower intraday, considering the big ramp higher in equities, not higher.

Note Added 4:13 PM EST: The bulls win the day with the SPX closing at 2742 above the 12-month MA at 2730 so the stock market is in a cyclical bull market pattern going forward (give this a few days or week or two to make sure it sticks). No sooner was that last message posted at 12:44 PM EST than the Fed and/or other nefarious individuals jammed volatility lower. This coincides with the start of the fourth 65-minute trading segment on the day (each US trading session is divided into six (6) 65-minute sessions. At the start of the fourth segment which is from 12:45 PM EST to 1:50 PM EST, the robots came in jamming volatility lower like gangbusters. Obviously, the Fed, and/or other thieves, are placing their jackboots on the throat of volatility to pump stocks higher. They know if they can get up through the intense moving average resistance gauntlet discussed today than it is all-clear for big upside gains ahead. The VIX plummets from 15.65 to 15.10 in 45 minutes time. Boiinnnngg. The stock market pops higher. Fancy that. Another day at the crooked casino. Even with the nefarious intervention in markets, the VIX dropped today to 14.95 but was never able to take out that low (as equities rallied higher). The VIX moves sideways today finishing at 15.32 as the SPX launched higher. The VIX should have a 14-handle and perhaps a 13-handle so something is amuck. Either the VIX should drop like a rock when it begins trading at 3 AM EST 11 hours from now to prove that the stock market should go up and squeeze a bit more juice out, or, the VIX will maintain a 15-handle and keep hinting at buoyancy ahead, like trying to keep a beach ball underwater, which would kick in the selling that is expected by the neggie d on the 2-hour chart.

SPX S&P 500 60-Minute Chart with 200 EMA Cross

The 200 EMA on the SPX 60-minute chart is a key ST (short-term) market indicator. The 200 EMA on the 60-minute is at 2654 with price at 2710 so the bulls are winning. The S&P 500 was below the 200 EMA during the Q4 crash for the most part. You see where the SPX popped above the 200 EMA at joyous Thanksgiving time but that was short-lived. Perhaps all the great turkey and fixings lulled the bulls into more complacency. Equities then fell apart in December.

The SPX moves above the 200 EMA during the second week of January which provided the all-clear signal for the long side. The bulls are steering the ship in this one-hour time frame. Bears got nothing unless they can push the SPX below 2654, if so, the bottom may fall out in the stock market

Note the C&H (cup and handle) in orange or inverted H&S (head and shoulders) in blue if you prefer, marking the bottom as the new year began. The head, or bottom of the cup, is at 2350 and the neckline, or brim of the cup, is at 2520-ish, so that is 170 points difference. The upside target is 2690 (2520+170) which was achieved satisfying the patterns.

Price is now hinting at a potential H&S top (purple). S&P futures are strongly higher so that right shoulder will grow a little bit higher. The H&S is in play unless the SPX moves above 2740; this breakout higher would nullify the H&S. Watch to see if the 2685-2690 neckline breaks, if so, with the head at 2740, that will target 2630-2640 which guarantees a test of the critical 2654 decider level. If 2654 fails, price will likely print the H&S lower target in very quick order and likely be falling like a rock. Bulls continue to win above 2654. There is a big gap at 2640-2652 which will need filled at some point. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

CPC Put/Call Ratio Daily Chart Continues Signaling Near-Term Top At Hand

The low CPC and CPCE  put/call ratios continue. The stock market is pumped higher on the central banker happy talk. The Fed, ECB, BOJ, PBOC and others are flapping dovish wings promising easy money forever so stocks move higher and complacency festers. Typically, stocks would have pulled back in the near-term already due to the low put/calls but the joyous central banker pumping overrides all. The central bankers are the market.

S&P futures are up +16 points and the VIX sports a 15-handle about 6 hours before the regular US trading session on Tuesday. Congress may have reached a deal on the government shutdown situation and President Trump keeps boasting of trade talk progress and a potential meeting with President Xi.

The rally will provide a nice place to bring on shorts and add to existing shorts. If the stock market pops as the futures show, the CPC may dip down to the 0.80-ish level again further into complacency. The last tradeable bottom in the stock market was when the blood was in the streets in late December. The prior SPX weekly chart hints at another high in price and the S&P 500 may be trying to come up for that top now.

The low put/call ratios and NYMO remaining elevated tells you that another wash-out in stocks is likely coming in the days ahead. A pull back of 40 to 100 points in the SPX would be expected. Of course the news flow and central bankers will continue sending stocks to and fro. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

GBTC Bitcoin Trust Daily Chart; Positive Divergence Bounce

Keystone mentioned GBTC the other day wanting to snag a sub-4 price which worked out fine. The possie d (green lines) set price up for a rocket launch higher which occurs. GBTC pops +15% on Monday. Keystone is out of the trade that fast and will look to reenter. The big gap left behind makes the play tricky but GBTC should continue higher in the days and weeks ahead.

As previously shown on the bitcoin chart, NYXBT, the weekly chart exhibits buoyancy although the MACD line on the monthly chart remains weak and bleak. Bitcoin should travel sideways to sideways higher going through the year. Since the monthly chart would like another look at the recent lows a firm bottom in bitcoin will likely be placed in the March-June time frame. From there, bitcoin should steadily increase, and positive news should increase as well for the bludgeoned digital darling, through the remainder of the year. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Monday, February 11, 2019

SPX S&P 500 Weekly Chart; Expansion (Megaphone) Pattern

The SPX topped out in late September just as Keystone forecasted. The red lines show the negative divergence across all indicators, the overbot conditions and the ominous rising wedge pattern that create the smackdown. Keystone had warned of the pending doom since the SPX monthly chart was set up the exact same way. Any analyst or money manager touting rainbows and blue skies ahead back then, which are many, are dolts since all they had to do is look at the weekly and monthly charts and they would have never steered their clients into a ditch like they did. The SPX crashed -20% into the start of this year.

The blue megaphone, or expansion, pattern remains in play. It was shown on the daily charts but here is a look on the weekly. The megaphone handle is added to complete the effect. If price collapses from this vicinity, the lower target is 2000-2100. That would get everyone's attention.

Last week, the S&P 500 prints a doji candlestick which typically indicates a trend change. You will have to wait and see if it does over the next week or two. Note the doji top in early June that did mark a top back then.

Price fell like a stone in December. Santa Claus slipped on the sidewalk and hurt his back. The elves were saddened after looking at their 401k's, that are now 201k's. The MACD line and money flow indicators were weak and bleak clearly wanting another low on the monthly basis, after any rally would occur for a month or so.

The Federal Reserve and other global central bankers would have none of that. Price went down to test the 200-week MA at 2350 back then and bounced (pink circle). The central bankers did not want to risk a retest of the 2350 since if it failed, the global stock markets may slide into free fall. The 1/3/19 selloff triggered panic between Powell (Fed), Draghi (ECB), Carney (BOE), Kuroda (BOJ) and even Yi (PBOC).

The PBOC immediately cut the triple R's which will increase lending and stimulate the economy. Powell and other Fed members, even hawkish ones, started flapping dovish wings. Draghi is open to more easy money ahead. The BOJ does not plan to change their accomodative monetary policy. Other global central bankers join the dovish party. The world is awash in liquidity. Life is a party for the wealthy class constantly reaping the benefits of central banker largess in this new and corrupt Gilded Age. Always remember, the central bankers are the market.

The SPX begins the multi-week recovery rally in January purely off of central banker dovishness and US-China rosy trade talk. Last week, price prints the higher high while the RSI and money flow languish. The MACD line and stochastics, however, remain long and strong wanting to see price print another high. Thus, a near-term top on this weekly basis may be a week or so away. Price may want to chop sideways and keep teasing that 50-week MA at 2730. The critical 12-month MA at 2728 verifies that the stock market is in a cyclical bear market right now. The importance of the 2728-2730 resistance is big-time; it is for all the marbles.

The ADX purple box shows that the long rally in stocks was a strong trend higher until July 4th of last year. The multi-month and year rally fizzled with the last of the fireworks. Stocks continued higher in July, August and until the end of September but the ADX already told you the strong trend higher was over. Keystone highlighted that back then and it was another tool indicating that the major stock market top was at hand.

As stock sold off in the Q4 crash, the trend just started to develop into a strong trend lower as the new year began, but, as explained with the central banker largess above, stocks rocket-launched higher on easy money. The bulls need price to continue higher and for the ADX to turn around to the upside and move above 30 and higher to prove that the upside trend is strong. Otherwise, it is not. The bears need to push the SPX lower in price pronto and curl the ADX higher above 30 moving higher to prove that the price trend lower is a strong trend; the bears may need a few weeks to pull this off (fighting back against the central bankers is not easy; resistance may be futile).

Interestingly, the Aroon has not yet displayed a positive cross. That is surprising considering the strength of the multi-week rally. You would think that was a given. The Aroon still shows the bears in control since late October. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

USD-CHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc 30-Minute Chart; Flash Crash 2/11/19

The USD-CHF, Dollar/Swiss Franc pair, experiences a flash crash in early Asia trading on 2/11/19. The Dollar/Swissy pair surges over 110 pips (1 big figure) but recovers in short order. This action represents a weaker franc. The US dollar index climbs to 96.71.

So much for the Swis franc safe haven.The flash crash is blamed on low liquidity conditions. These events do happen time to time in thin trading especially on a Monday morning and Japan markets are not trading. The SNB would likely not intervene unless the franc weakened past the 1.03-1.04 area, if needed.

The sharp flash crash is dubbed a fat finger event in low liquidity markets. It creates instant joy, or misery, depending on what side of the trade you are on. Stops are hit. There are winners and losers every day in the big city. The flash crashes in stocks, indexes, Forex and bonds continue. Authorities keep sweeping the market flash crashes, computer glitches and fat fingers under the rug but the carpet has a big bulge now. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

NOTE: Chart is courtesy of Daily Fx and annotated by Keystone.