Friday, May 16, 2014

Market Chronology April 2014-04 Available on Amazon

Keystone the Scribe, one of Keybot's sister blog sites, releases the latest issue of the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics April 2014-04 available on Amazon's Kindle. A handy link is provided in the left margin. All the recent eBook links are provided in the margins.

If you are a seasoned professional trader or a novice wanting to learn how and why markets move in real-time, the daily chronology series are the books for you. The eBooks detail market reactions to the Monthly Jobs Reports, Fed meetings, economic data, earnings releases and geopolitical events. Business and economic teachers and students enjoy the chronologies since textbook theory comes to life. Read about how the IPO frenzy and global M&A orgy are affecting markets. Become educated on how Ukraine turmoil affects global markets and currencies.

As always, special thanks to the international support for the K E Stone Blog Series of Web Sites especially the strong following from major money centers in New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney and the loyal following from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China (yes, Russia and China) and Malaysia. The blog sites only continue with the ongoing support of the entire readership, all followers large and small, professional and novice. Keystone the Scribe is the respected world leader in providing historical context for global markets and world economics. Read the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics April 2014-04 issue today to gain a vital market edge.

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