Monday, April 7, 2014

Financial Services Deaths Total 12

Another banker shows up dead. This time Jan Peter Schmittman, 57, that ran ABN Amro, a Dutch bank, until 2007, is found dead by an older daughter. His wife, 57, and younger daughter, 22, are also dead at their home. Authorities label the tragedy as a family disturbance gone bad but will not supply any details just like prior banker deaths and suicides. Schmittman orchestrated the split of ABN Amro into smaller units during the 2008-2009 financial crisis that were absorbed by Fortis, Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland. The banker deaths now total one dozen over the last 3-1/2 months.

The financial services deaths are occurring at a pace faster than one death per week this year. There are 12 deaths (excluding the wife and daughter above) in the last 3-1/2 months. Omitting the Wilson suicide, there are 11 deaths in the last 10 weeks, a pace of about one death per week. If you work in the financial services industries, start looking over your shoulder. Many deaths are labeled suicides but suspicious circumstances surround all of the deaths.

The previous victim was pretty and intelligent Autumn Radtke, 28-years young, found dead in her Singapore home. Radtke was the CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based bitcoin exchange. Her death is stated unofficially as suicide.

Folks must lose their soul to work in the shadowy areas of the financial industry. Insider trading occurs daily but is rarely enforced. Occasionally, high profile people such as Martha Stewart are thrown to the wolves to create the illusion that regulators and prosecutors are doing their job. Big money may be involved in world-wide drug running, money laundering, organized crime, black-op government operations and many other nefarious activities. The bankers always know where the bodies are buried.

The following 12 deaths have occurred in the financial industry over the last 14 weeks; 11 deaths in the last 10 weeks. Each death occurs under suspicious and mysterious circumstances;

12/24/13; Robert F. Wilson, 87 years old, a retired hedge-fund founder jumped from the 16th floor of his Central Park West apartment building in New York. A suicide note was found.

1/22/14 (estimated); Tim Dickenson, a communications director with Swiss Re, died in the UK. Details surrounding his death are kept under wraps by authorities and not available.

1/26/14; Karl Slym, 51 years old, an executive with Tata Motors, climbs through a small window and jumps to his death falling from the 22nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok. His wife may have wrote a suicide note. He may have been asleep when he fell. The situation is sketchy and confusing with limited details available.

1/26/14; William Broeksmit, 58 years old, an executive officer and risk manager with Deutsche Bank AG, is found dead from hanging at his London home. He was highly regarded by coworkers.

1/28/14; Gabriel Magee, 39 years old, a vice president with JPM, leaps to his death from the roof of the Canary Wharf tower in London, the European headquarters, plummeting 33 stories.

1/31/14; Michael Dueker, 50 years old, chief economist at Russell Investments, is found dead laying on the side of the road in Washington State. Dueker was a former Federal Reserve central bank economist.

2/3/14; Ryan Henry Crane, 37 years old, an executive director with JPM at the New York office, is found dead at his Stamford, Connecticut home. There are very little details available concerning his death.

2/4/14; Richard Talley, 57 years old, founder of American Title Services in Colorado, is found dead at his home apparently from a self-inflicted shooting using a nail gun.

2/18/14; Li Junjie, 33 years old, a finance employee at JPM, flung himself off of JPM's 30-story Hong Kong office building. He told an associate he was under stress but no suicide note was found.

2/19/14; James Stuart, Jr., an Arizona businessman and former CEO of National Bank of Commerce, is found dead in Scottsdale, Arizona. Details are under wraps by authorities with no information made available. Colleagues said he was a very successful banker.

3/5/14; Autumn Radtke, 28 years old, CEO of First Meta bitcoin exchange, is found dead in the bathtub at her Singapore residence. The unofficial cause of death is suicide but details are not available. The circumstances surrounding the death remain mysterious.

4/5/14; Jan Peter Schittmann, 57 years old, that ran ABN Amro, the Dutch Bank, until 2007, is found dead at his home along with his wife and daughter. Tragically, an older daughter found the bodies. Officials label the tragedy as a family disturbance gone bad but details are not provided.

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