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The Keystone Speculator Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Rate Model Update 6/13/20; Philippines, Peru, Iran, Kenya, Poland, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Honduras, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Egypt, Columbia and Argentina are in COVID-19 Hell; Second Wave Worries; US Virus Cases Rising in Many States Due to Increased Testing, Reopening the Economy, Protests and Large Groups Gathering; Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Florida are in Serious Trouble; President Trump Moves Republican Convention to Florida Where Virus Cases are Spiking; Protests and Riots Increase Around the World; US Police Under Scrutiny for Racial Injustice; Public Health Authorities Clueless; Coronavirus Article 10

By K E Stone

Just when it looked like the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread was diminishing into a lull period and an all-clear signal would sound, the US virus cases are increasing again. On this early June 2020 weekend, over 20 states in America are experiencing an uptick in new covid cases including Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina and California that were highlighted in the prior article. Other troubled states include Arizona, Florida and South Carolina.

Granted, more testing increases the number of cases identified but more importantly, new outbreaks are occurring due to people congregating n large groups again as the economy restarts. The sudden increase of coronavirus cases is likely due to folks ignoring or not properly following social distancing and mask guidelines. The media labels the increase in US cases a second wave but actually it is more likely that it is still the first wave playing out. Coronavirus is now reaching rural areas of America.

The COVID-19 nightmare continues and tens of millions of people remain out of work in America and other nations. The death of a black man in police custody in the US has sparked worldwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality. Other groups that are violent, with different agendas, are participating in the protests creating riots. Buildings are looted and set ablaze. People are dying and injured.

Once a concrete block is thrown through a store window, even the non-violent protesters will jump inside to steal a few items. Such is America these days. The wealthy elite class destroyed the US middle class over the last five decades and the chickens are coming home to roost. The middle class was the fabric that held the country together; it is now in tatters. Virus exhaustion, income inequality, racial injustice, high debt and lack of opportunity are all creating a toxic brew of social unrest and violence not seen on American streets since the 1960’s.

The ongoing structural unemployment problem, now exacerbated by the millions unemployed due to the pandemic, provides people with plenty of time to participate in protests and riots further fueling the social unrest. Crony capitalism is on its last legs. The riots will likely continue, and become more violent, for several years ahead.

Communist China’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) bioweapon has infected 7.9 million people around the world murdering over 433,000 souls (approaching a half-million). 4 million people have recovered. The Wuhan killer disease has attacked and sickened over 2.1 million Americans (0.7% of the 330 million US population) murdering nearly 118K United States citizens. 854K have recovered.

USA has the greatest number of total coronavirus cases in the world followed by Brazil, Russia, India, UK, Spain, Italy, Peru and Germany. The top three on the list remain the same with India moving up into the fourth position and Spain and Italy moving lower on the list. With deaths, the US leads followed by Brazil, UK, Italy, France and Spain and Mexico, respectively. Brazil overtook UK. Over the last few days, Russia, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Armenia and Singapore experience an uptick in virus cases so these are new and ongoing hotspots. Even China and Israel see a slight uptick in virus cases over the last few days.

China is concerned about a coronavirus second wave beginning. A Beijing food market is shutdown after several vendors and people test positive. The COVID-19 is detected on a cutting board used for salmon. The communists immediately identify the virus as the European strain of course trying to blame others for the horror that China unleashed on the world. 50 people are infected as China rushes to test the population that is exposed to the food market as well as the surrounding regions. Is the second wave beginning?

An update for The Keystone Speculator Coronavirus Infection Rate Model (TKSCIRM) is provided and tweaked since another 10-day period passes and more data and information are available. This is Article 10 in the coronavirus series that provides real-time information for historians, teachers, students, journalists, economists, market participants, corporate executives, financial managers, doctors, nurses, medical personnel, researchers, public officials and politicians studying the COVID-19 pandemic. This tenth article is published on Saturday, 6/13/20.

The countries and US states are listed below from best to worst based on the spread and progression of the virus so the hot spots around the world and in America are easily identified. The articles are written in real-time so it is interesting to see the progression of knowledge, thought, hysteria and scientific information during each week of the 2020 worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The author is non-political so do not be alarmed at the steady bashing of both the Republican and Democrat Tribes in America which are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

As mentioned in the prior articles, the Worldometer web site is very useful in tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world and its link is provided. Charts above are provided courtesy of Worldometer and annotated by Keystone (K E Stone).

The Keystone Speculator Coronavirus Infection Rate Model (TKSCIRM) forecasts the peak date in active coronavirus cases for any country or region which represents the maximum strain on medical personnel and facilities. TKSCIRM monitors the Worldometer new case data for a country or region and identifies the date of the peak in new cases (New Case Peak Date). Once this occurs, the active case bell curve will peak in 1 to 4 weeks depending on how the virus situation is handled. If the country, region or state is well-prepared, the active cases will peak 11 days after the new cases peak. If the country is not well-prepared, like the US, the active cases will peak in 28 days. Same for any US state. Add 28 days to the New Cases Peak Date to arrive at the Projected Active Cases Peak Date.

The US active cases chart, shown above, the bell curve which represents the maximum strain on medical facilities, has been trying to top-out ever since the stutter-step during mid-May. Each time the active cases pull back, however, the chart moves higher a few days later. The US medical personnel cannot catch a break. With the number of new cases rising in about 20 of the 50 states, the active case curve may sneak out another higher high. The ‘flattening of the curve’ term references the active cases chart where the top of the bell curve shape forms. The blue box shows that the strain on the medical people will continue into July.

The US death curve is also shown above where a 125K deaths are expected in the US mid to late-month and then perhaps 130K by the Fourth of July Independence Day. The death curves are unforgiving for most countries, even those that succeeded in fighting the virus quickly. The worldwide curves keep sloping higher. The best that can be hoped for is that the death curve moves flat. One US doctor has quoted a 200K death number for America by September which is steeper than the blue line so that outcome is questionable. The yellow gentler path is more realistic. The Keystone Model estimates 130K dead by July 4th, 140K dead by early August and a 150K dead by Labor Day (9/7/20) after which, hopefully, the deaths will level-out. The CDC announces today that they expect 130K deaths in the US by July 4th the same as the Keystone Model.

The active cases bell curves have peaked, flattened and rolled over, or are rolling over, for the following nations that are on their way to better days ahead (barring a second wave). The US keeps slipping in and out of this list with the active cases curve today on 6/13/20 only a hair away from taking out the prior peak on 5/30/20.

China (Active Case Peak Date 2/17/20) (13 days after New Case Peak Date) (data is suspect)
South Korea (Active Case Peak Date 3/11/20) (8 days)
Switzerland (Active Case Peak Date 3/21/20) (11 days)
Austria (Active Case Peak Date 4/3/20) (8 days)
Australia (Active Case Peak Date 4/4/20) (13 days)
Iran (Active Case Peak Date 4/5/20) (6 days) (data is suspect) (now in a second wave)
Germany (Active Case Peak Date 4/6/20) (10 days)
Taiwan (Active Case Peak Date 4/6/20) (17 days)
Hong Kong (Active Case Peak Date 4/7/20) (9 days)
Hungary (Active Case Peak Date 5/4/20) (24 days)
Israel (Active Case Peak Date 4/16/20) (14 days)
Italy (Active Case Peak Date 4/19/20) (30 days)
Ireland (Active Case Peak Date 4/20/20) (10 days)
Turkey (Active Case Peak Date 4/23/20) (13 days)
Spain (Active Case Peak Date 4/23/20) (29 days)
France (Active Case Peak Date 4/28/20) (26 days)
Japan (Active Case Peak Date 4/28/20) (18 days)
Portugal (Active Case Peak Date 5/11/20) (31 days)
Singapore (Active Case Peak Date 5/12/20) (23 days)
Ecuador (Active Case Peak Date 5/24/20) (30 days) (data is suspect)
Canada (Active Case Peak Date 5/30/20) (28 days)
United States (Active Case Peak Date 5/30/20) (37 days)

Russia (data is suspect)
5/11/20 New Case Peak Date
6/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (Keystone model hit it on the dot but the active cases curve is a hair away from a new high; give it a few days to see if it has peaked)

UK (data is suspect)
4/10/20 New Case Peak Date
5/7/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (on 6/13/20, cannot confirm that the peak is in due to poor data)

Netherlands (data is suspect)
4/10/20 New Case Peak Date
5/7/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (on 6/13/20, cannot confirm that the peak is in due to poor data)

Belgium (data is suspect)
4/15/20 New Case Peak Date
5/13/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (on 6/13/20, chart keeps running higher without flattening)

New cases keep increasing for countries below over the last month which points to continued trouble ahead.  These nations will likely not peak-out on the active cases bell curve, which represents the maximum strain on their medical facilities, until July. May the Lord Have Mercy on Their Souls.

Philippines (data is suspect)
5/29/20 New Case Peak Date
6/26/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

5/31/20 New Case Peak Date (many big days in April, May and June)
6/28/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

Iran (an interesting case model since it is experiencing a second wave although data is suspect)
3/30/20 New Case Peak Date
4/5/20 Active Case Peak Date (6 days) (peak of first wave)
6/4/20 New Case Peak Date (more new cases than 3/30/20; Iran now in a second wave)
7/2/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (active cases continue rising on 6/13/20 and are near the 4/5/20 peak)

6/7/20 New Case Peak Date (cases keep increasing)
7/5/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/8/20 New Case Peak Date (takes out the 5/12/20 peak so Poland is in big trouble again)
7/6/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

Sweden (data is suspect)
6/10/20 New Case Peak Date (many tops for new cases in April and May but 6/10/20 is highest)
7/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date (cannot confirm that the peak is in)

6/10/20 New Case Peak Date (cases keep increasing at 12K per day)
7/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/10/20 New Case Peak Date (cases keep increasing)
7/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/10/20 New Case Peak Date (cases keep increasing)
7/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

Brazil (data is suspect)
6/10/20 New Case Peak Date
7/8/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/12/20 New Case Peak Date (more cases than 5/31/20)
7/10/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/12/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/10/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/12/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/10/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (cases increasing rapidly which should concern the United States)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

South Africa
6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (cases rising rapidly)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

6/13/20 New Case Peak Date (blew past 5/22/20 date)
7/11/20 Projected Active Case Peak Date

The data above is disturbing and clearly worsens across the board over the last several days. The hot zones are South Asia, Central America and southern North America, South (Latin) America and Africa. The southern hemisphere of Mother Earth is going into wintertime as the northern hemisphere proceeds into summertime. The Wuhan virus would be expected to spread quicker in the southern hemisphere during the cooler conditions. The virus is not subsiding significantly in the hotter weather as hoped. The locusts are destroying crops in Africa when the population will be hit by the brunt of covid. The average age of infected patients is dropping.

Sweden remains in troubled waters since new cases hit a new high only a couple days ago (the active cases curve will likely continue higher continuing the strain on the healthcare system). Sweden is of great interest since it did not impose the draconian lockdown measures like other countries. However, much of the population self-isolated anyway and folks followed social distancing guidelines so it is not a great study on imposing herd immunity. Sweden is progressing along like most other countries and only marginally higher in the percent of population infected.

About 60%, some doctors and scientists say 70% or 80%, of the population needs to be infected or receive a vaccine to achieve herd immunity and eliminate the wide-scale threat of COVID-19. America is lucky if it is 20% along so there is a long way to go for herd immunity; now you can see why there is a push for a vaccine which would greatly increase the chances of snuffing out coronavirus but that opens up a whole new Pandora’s box on human rights and liberty. There will be tracers in the vaccines which many will label as the Mark of the Beast. There are 10 vaccine trials on humans currently underway around the world. Americans are wavering from 25% to 75% (a wide range probably depending on the last news they heard) in favor of receiving a vaccine should it be provided.

Mexico is struggling greatly and cannot gain control of the virus. The US is concerned due to the shared border. The outbreak in the southwestern US confirms the fears that Central America and southern North America (southwestern US, such as Arizona, and Mexico) are in COVID-19 Hell. Overall, on a worldwide basis, the virus news and data has worsened during the following week. Chile is in bad shape and the head doctor in charge of the pandemic is canned.

As highlighted above, the jury is out in the United States as to whether or not a peak has occurred in the active cases chart. The number of cases is rising in 22 states, although this is fluctuating between 18 and 22 states in recent days, and in Puerto Rico. The pandemic is spreading in the US as the economy is reopened and larger crowds congregate at events, theme parks and the beach. Increased testing also creates more virus cases. The protests and riots are occurring with many people not wearing masks so coronavirus would be expected to spread from those events.

The list of states based on the highest number of COVID-19 cases to the lowest are as follows; New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, Minnesota, Tennessee, Colorado, Washington, Alabama and Iowa. The other states follow with lower numbers of virus cases. Iowa sees a spike in cases over the last few days. Of the states with acceptable data, the first ones listed below have weathered the covid storm but the other states continue seeing their caseloads increase. Projections on when the active cases (maximum strain on medical facilities) will peak are provided by the Keystone Model.

New Case Peak Date 4/2/20
Active Case Peak Date 4/23/20 (21 days between the peak in new cases and the peak in the active cases)

New Jersey
New Case Peak Date 4/3/20 (4/16/20 also a peak date)
Active Case Peak Date 5/20/20 (47 and 34 days)

New Case Peak Date 4/24/20 (a spike occurs on 6/1/20 but it may be due to data collection)
Active Case Peak Date 5/20/20 (26 days)

New Case Peak Date 4/24/20
Active Case Peak Date 5/21/20 (27 days)

New Case Peak Date 5/12/20
Active Case Peak Date 5/30/20 (18 days)

These US states below show the active cases bell curve chart rising, and not flattening, so the strain on the healthcare systems continue.

New York (data is suspect)
New Case Peak Date 4/15/20
Projected Active Case Peak Date 5/13/20 (as of 6/13/20, chart continues higher)

Ohio (data is suspect)
New Case Peak Date 4/19/20
Projected Active Case Peak Date 5/17/20 (chart continues higher)

Washington (state)
New Case Peak Date 5/1/20
Projected Active Case Peak Date 5/29/20 (may have peaked 6/12/20)

New Case Peak Date 6/8/20 (cases rapidly increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/6/20

New Case Peak Date 6/10/20 (cases increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/8/20 (the active case curve is about to print a higher high)

New Case Peak Date 6/11/20 (cases rapidly increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/9/20

South Carolina
New Case Peak Date 6/12/20 (cases rapidly increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/10/20

North Carolina
New Case Peak Date 6/12/20 (cases rapidly increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/10/20

New Case Peak Date 6/12/20 (cases increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/10/20

Florida (data is suspect)
New Case Peak Date 6/13/20 (blows away prior highs; cases rapidly increasing)
Projected Active Case Peak Date 7/11/20 (President Trump moved the republican convention from North Carolina to Florida which looks like it is out of the frying pan into the fire)

Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Connecticut, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota and Tennessee are states with higher numbers of infections than other states but the data and charts available do not allow for proper analysis. Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Florida are living a covid nightmare right now with cases increasing daily. This will lead to a delay in the peak in the active cases curve which means that the healthcare systems in these states will continue to operate under pressure and stress through July. Most medial professionals were already told to change their summer plans. The sharp increase in cases in the United States will have to play out in the coming days to see if it begins running out of control, or not.

Florida’s active cases chart is shown above and it is frightening with the parabolic pop over the last couple days. President Trump is heading into the eye of the storm with the summer convention now slated for the sunshine state. The top of the bell curve may not form until July so the strain on medical personnel will continue through July perhaps into early August. Florida is an ugly chart as well as Texas and California. Comically, to receive free tickets for the president’s upcoming rallies and events, people must sign waivers agreeing to not sue anyone if they contract coronavirus. That’s Our Donnie. Even funnier, 200K jackasses freely signed up for tickets for future Trump events waiving their rights.

For any state that has not yet reached its peak in the active case curve, simply identify what day the new cases peak and add 28 days to that date to project when the top of the bell curve will occur as per the Keystone Model.

The COVID-19 pandemic is ramping higher in many states while it is somewhat contained in others. The heat of summer in the northern hemisphere is not reducing the infection rate as hoped. In America, the rate of infection in young people under 25 years old is increasing. The virus first came after the older folks, the very sick and ill, such as the seniors and those with heart and pulmonary conditions, and now, covid comes for the young.

The economy is in shambles but the stock market ran higher for a multi-week rally off the March low. Traders and investors are giddy and exuberant that the Federal Reserve, US government, and other global central banks, and governments, have provided limitless monetary and fiscal accommodation. Stocks run to the moon because of the money floating around from central banker printing presses. The world is awash in liquidity. The wealthy enrich themselves as the huddled masses suffer through structural unemployment and high debt. One in eight Americans will go to bed hungry today. Drop off some canned goods at your local food bank, or local thrift shop, since many of the stores will take food donations.

The stock market party stumbled on Thursday, 6/11/20, with the major US stock indexes crashing from -4% to -8%. The gains are over +40% off the March bottom, however. The stock market is completely unattached to the economy now. 43 million people filed for unemployment over the last 11 weeks. The people most hurt are the low-wage earners that worked in the restaurants, hotels, salons, travel agencies, and other jobs that require close human contact. The upper middle class and wealthy elite never miss a beat punching their computer keystrokes from home instead of the office without any disruption to their pay. The rest of America lives a daily Hell worrying about when benefits will run out and if they can find a job. This disparity will serve to fuel the coming class war in America.

As if the coronavirus trouble is not enough, the protests and riots that began over the death of a black man in police custody in the US, has sparked international outrage. A lot of the social unrest is due to people venting rage at living through a decade of difficult times while they watch the wealthy folks strut around in new clothes and cars buying a new McMansion every other year. The divide between rich and poor in the US has not been this wide in 50 years and the split grows greater each day. America is in a new Gilded Age, like the 20’s, with decadence and carefree living on display daily by the wealthy, that control the rigged crony capitalism game, while the huddled masses feed off the scraps that are tossed into the street.

The protesters are calling for a revamping of the police in the United States which is long overdue. The cops made two fateful errors over the last three decades. First, when Ronnie Ray-gun was president, First Lady Nancy Ray-gun implemented the war on drugs which only served to incarcerate people and ruin lives over smoking a joint on a street corner. The US passed confiscation laws where property such as cash and cars are seized in a drug arrest. This money was then given to the police departments and instead of using the funds for community events and outreach, the cops were like kids in a candy store buying weapons and tech gadgets and of course jackboots.

This created a menacing scary police figure that little kids, teenagers and even adults began avoiding. Decades ago, everyone in the community knew the cops. They walked around in short-sleeve shirts and no one begrudged them for hauling in the town drunk, or young folks vandalizing property or the occasional theft ring. People had the mindset of jumping in to help the police if they ever needed it. Fast forward to now and it is a different world; the cops brought it on themselves with their jackbooted tactics. Also, think of the time spent on learning how to use all that tech gear when that time could have been spent on the streets saying hello to folks and finding out what they can do to help the community.

Second, the so-called ‘brotherhood’. Since being a cop is inherently dangerous, the police rely on each other to watch one another’s back. Therefore, there is a tendency to protect the force from any outside intervention even if it means turning one’s back to a nefarious event by a fellow officer. The statement is often repeated that there are only a few bad apples that spoil the bunch, the president said this the other day, and the vast majority of police are good cops. That may be true but there is a problem. When a bad cop acts up, and the good cop knows about it, but keeps his/her mouth shut because of the brotherhood, that is not a good cop it is instead an officer just as filthy as the one that did the deed.

After that quick lesson on America’s police situation, now the real reason behind the political angst with the cops can be revealed; the presidential election. The battleground states such as Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania, the keystone state, will decide which of the two corrupt silver-haired white guys win the election; either republican King Donnie is reinstated as the Bloviator-in-Chief, or democrat Sleepy Joe Biden will be shaken awake with a cup of coffee and handed over the keys to the American car. It’s hilariously comical and tragic at the same time.

The police unions are powerful voting blocks in these battleground states. This is why you see Trump and Biden battling for position. They cannot say anything bad about the cops for fear that the union will not back them which will crush their chances for election in the battleground states. This is why Biden did not jump on the full radical position about eliminating police forces; he needs that police union vote to take the election away from Trump. Do you understand a little more about how the corrupt crony capitalism system works in America? The police drama increases protests and riots which increases coronavirus cases.

Clunk. That is the sound of the wheels falling off the American bus. In the middle of a pandemic, economy in recession and riots in the streets, two white police officers shoot a black man in a Wendy’s restaurant parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia, overnight. The video appears to show the officer shooting the man in the back after he ran off with the cop’s taser. It is a mess out there these days with people working themselves into frenzy. The riots intensify and the Wendy’s is set ablaze. America burns.

Rioters are destroying statues of Civil War leaders saying they perpetuate the racial inequality. People are now demanding that names of military bases also be changed. Trump has nixed this idea. The auto racing league NASCAR is banning the display of the confederate flag. The stuff is out of control. Humans are stupid animals. If you destroy and hide history you are guaranteed to repeat it.

If, instead, those statues and other symbols are used as teaching tools, and America’s ugly past is displayed in the open every day and talked about openly in society, this is exactly how you work through problems such as racism. How did you ever solve any argument with a family member, coworker or friend? No matter how much you hid from each other the day of reckoning came where you had to talk it out and resolve the problem. Right? Pretending that things never happened by eliminating materialistic references is not the way to go.

In western Pennsylvania, the confederate flag was not a display of racism; this was all fabricated by the media to gin up the race riots, and television eyeballs, and now people accept this as fact. Granted, the flag means different things in different regions, but above the Mason-Dixon line here in this neck of the woods, it was a symbol of being a rebel. When a teenager, everyone likes to thing of themselves as a rebel; that is what the confederate flag meant, and the only thing. It was never a race thing, never at all. The media made the flag a race symbol in recent years. This memory, and flag, is soiled like the American flag, by brain-washed idiots that forgot how to think on their own. Race relations will only worsen as more people are drawn into the group-think nonsense of destroying materialistic objects as a means of improving racism.

The larger issue is the waning days of America’s corrupt crony capitalism structure. All the other battles will morph into the larger class war that will probably continue for several years. Rioters in other nations are also tearing down statues. Even Winston Churchill bit the dust. The natives are getting restless. Countries are protecting statues by boarding them up so now people have to look at large wooden boxes. Materialistic symbols do not increase or decrease the incidence of racism. Humans must open their minds and hearts to heal racism and create universal equality; it has to be felt in your soul.

Everything is political nowadays with the US presidential election less than five months away, and coronavirus is no different. The democrats and republicans square off and take sides even for the pandemic. Humans can be nauseating to watch sometimes. If you are cheerleading King Donnie, Fox News, Breitbart, and radio talk-show hacks Hannity and Limbaugh, and you are against wearing mouth diapers (face masks), and you do not buy into all the social distancing crapola, and you want the economy to restart without any restrictions, and you tend to not wash your hands when you exit the Men’s Room, you are a bona fide member of the Republican Tribe.

If you are cheerleading for King Donnie to fail at every task, and applaud and advertise his mistakes while muzzling any positive accomplishments, and religiously don face coverings even if sitting at home by yourself watching television, and obey social distancing guidelines at all times, and only want the economy to restart very slowly and safely, and you always wash your blister and callous-free hands before exiting the restroom, you are a bona fide member of the Democrat Tribe. The sad part of the crony capitalism structure is that both political tribes place their own agendas ahead of what is good for the American people.

Americans have lost confidence in the three main medical authorities, The Three Stooges, during this coronavirus pandemic; WHO, CDC and NIH. Many of the comments from these health professionals and scientists are contradictory and confusing. On Tuesday, 6/9/20, the WHO, and we are not talking the great rock and roll band, says asymptomatic passing of the virus from person to person is rare. Say what?! For months, Americans are told this is the most worrisome aspect of COVID-19, the transmission of the disease without having symptoms, but now the so-called professionals pull an Emily Litella (Gilda Radner; she was a gem of a person), and say, “Never mind.” WHO releases a retraction statement hours later reversing course again saying the virus can be passed asymptomatically, a double never mind. Americans are confused. The WHO, CDC and NIH are doing an excellent job at displaying their cluelessness.

The US coronavirus caseload may continue increasing dramatically in the days ahead. Time will tell. The media and scientists will argue over whether to call it a second wave or an extension or phase two of the first wave. Keep an eye on Florida, Texas and California because as these states go, the rest of the US will likely follow. The US healthcare system will probably not see the peak in active coronavirus cases (maximum strain on the medical system) until next month.

Note Added Sunday, 6/14/20: Happy Flag Day! Worldwide coronavirus deaths top 434,000. China’s coronavirus has murdered nearly one-half million people. The Beijing commie leadership is frantically trying to get a handle on the new outbreak. 70 people are infected in Beijing. The world watches and wonders if a second wave will begin. The longest US-hospitalized coronavirus patient, Michael Flor, is allowed to go home but before leaving is handed a nearly 200-page bill for $1.1 million to save his life. Insurance will pay for much of the bill.

Note Added Sunday Evening, 6/14/20, at 6:15 PM EST: S&P futures tank -45 points. The business media is blaming the selloff on second wave fears.

Note Added Monday Morning, 6/15/20, at 2:33 AM EST: S&P futures are down -92 points. Don't you love the smell of napalm in the morning? China's Beijing outbreak has infected 100 people although you can never trust what the lying communists say; there are likely far more infected.

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