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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Chronology Article 48 Published 7/17/21; United States is a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated (in the Least-Vaccinated States)”; Coronavirus Cases Rising in All 50 US States as Wave 5 Continues; Vaccine Shaming, Blaming and Mandating; Community Transmission; Tokyo Olympics Begin; Over 190 Million People Infected with China Flu Worldwide with 4.1 Million Deaths; Worst Global Hotspots Include Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Europe and Northern Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan, and Mexico and Central America; Visiting Texas Democrats Turn Whitehouse Into Covid-Infected Nest; Senator Rand Paul and Dr Anthony Fauci Battle Over Wuhan Lab Leak Theory and Gain of Function Research; California, Florida and Texas Account for Over 40% of US Cases; Israeli Health Ministry Says Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Only 39% Effective Against India B1617 Variant (Delta); Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar Report Deadliest Days Ever; Vaccinated Blame Unvaccinated for US Wave 5 Acceleration; Health Misinformation Act; New UK B1621 Variant Identified; "Pingdemic"; Biden Mandates Vaccines at Veterans Administration

By K E Stone (Keystone)

The COVID-19 pandemic rages-on around the world for over 1-1/2 years with no sign of stopping. In the United States, CDC Director Walensky calls the new wave 5 outbreak “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That is partially true. More correctly, as the CDC acknowledges, it is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated in the least-vaccinated states’.

Unvaccinated Uncle Mike, a thin outdoorsman, living in the sticks in New Hampshire is not concerned about coronavirus but unvaccinated and overweight Aunt Mable, living in a highly-populated town in Mississippi, is extremely worried about contracting coronavirus.

All 50 US states show a rise in daily cases but a handful are flattish and many are only experiencing very minor bumps higher, for now. Whitehouse spokesperson Jeff Zients says only 4 states are creating over 40% of the cases. Florida accounts for 1 out of every 5 new cases as republican Governor DeSantis brags daily about his great handling of the pandemic. Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada are in covid Hell as well.

The outbreaks in the US are localized. Community transmission is occurring. Outbreaks are not necessarily occurring from people returning from overseas but instead through the community with unknown sources (people) of infection.

The southern and western US states are hit the hardest. Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and other southern states must be monitored closely. The West Coast is in trouble (California, Washington, Oregon) along with Nevada and Utah. The southern border states (Texas, Arizona, New Mexico) are under threat of increased infections due to the virus spread moving north from Central America and Mexico.

The Las Vegas tag line about “what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas” does not apply to COVID-19. Las Vegas follows Los Angeles’s lead now requiring masks indoors even if you are vaccinated. The new guidelines in these cities where vaccinated folks have to go back to wearing masks indoors is going over like a lead balloon. It is difficult to backtrack once guidelines are lifted. Unvaccinated people now have another excuse for not wanting to get the shot. It is a tough sell telling folks to get vaccinated but you will still have to wear a mask indoors.

The vaccine shaming, blaming and mandating game continues. The US medical authorities continue badgering unvaccinated Americans to get the shots when the idiots knew from the start that about 20% of the population would not take the shot. Ignorance is the act of repeating something over and over hoping for a different result. If people do not want vaccinated, that is their choice. The hospitals are not overwhelmed (sans southern Missouri and Los Angeles) so beds should not be a future issue. Shamefully, Georgia discards vaccine waiting around for Americans that do not want the shot.

The reason the vaccinated are vocal about forcing others to take the shot is mainly in their own self-interest. The vaccines are effective against the India B1617 variant (delta) but may not be for other variants such as the Peru C37 (lambda) and the shots may lose efficacy over time. The vaccinated folks are worried that too much time will pass and their double-shots will be for naught. A booster would be needed, or another vaccine, if a worst-case scenario unfolds.

Unvaccinated folks are told to take the shot to support the community; do it for others. Maybe the community screwed them over the years? How would that be an incentive? It would make many people angry and solidify their defiance against vaccination. There are many ethical and legal issues surfacing as the vaccination debate rages on.

Vaccinated people want the unvaccinated to care about their kids that may become sick. Take responsibility for your own family. You had and have the sex; you are choosing your own path forward. If you are concerned about your children, keep them home. The truth is that the vaccinated do not want to give up their lifestyles, convenience or quest for materialism.

The vaccinated blame the unvaccinated for their plight but maybe they need to look in the mirror and assess their lives. A lot of Americans are spouting-off these days about the community playing a role in looking out for and raising children which is Marxist dribble. If you do not want to be an active parent and nurture and love that child directly participating in raising that human for at least 18 years, do not have the child.

The pandemic opens up a Pandora’s Box of ethical, legal, societal and moral issues. There are different ways to manage the pandemic on a national and individual basis and people should not force their will on others especially for reasons of pursuing materialism and monetary goals.

If vaccinated, ask yourself the following question. Do you really care about your unvaccinated neighbor’s health and wellbeing or do you simply want him vaccinated because you want to take a vacation, or get back to the office where you make a lot of money, or be able to drop off the kids each day at a childcare facility again?

The vaccine blame game now extends into social media platforms. The Biden administration admits yesterday that the Whitehouse staff and HHS are censoring Facebook and other social media companies spitting on the First Amendment. The government is not allowed to meddle in free speech but Biden says it is a life and death as he flushes the Constitution.

He had a low bar to cross over to ditch the First Amendment. The president says the government must censor free speech because a couple hundred people die each day from a flu-like illness, out of a 330 million population, and he wants every American vaccinated. Sleepy Joe needs to sit down with a bowl of ice cream and reread his pocket Constitution. It is stupidity to pursue this path. The KFF data at the bottom of the article explains the reasons that people do not plan to get vaccinated.

The Whitehouse is deciding what is vaccine misinformation; it’s great to be king. The ends justify the means for all the sick minds these days. America travels a destructive path as it tramples the Constitution that got the United States 245 years so far.

North Carolina activists have started a door-to-door campaign to encourage people to become vaccinated as per the Whitehouse guidelines. The idea of knocking on people’s doors is met with heavy criticism. It is doubtful many states will adopt the plan.

People do not want bothered at home and if someone knocks on the wrong door, there may be trouble. People do not want strangers poking around their property especially in the south. It used to be moonshine but nowadays a lot of people are growing marijuana and do not want people nosing around the acreage asking questions. Did you ever listen to the second verse of Rocky Top sung by The Osborne Brothers (no, not Ozzie)? “Once two strangers climbed ole Rocky Top lookin’ for a moonshine still, strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top, reckon they never will.”

It is hypocritical of the CDC and other medical authorities to preach vaccinations when their own organizations are not fully vaccinated. At the CDC, it is estimated that 40% of the employees are not vaccinated. The CDC avoids commenting on the situation saying they do not ask workers their vaccination status but are quick to say a higher percentage is vaccinated. How convenient.

Dr Fauci says 99.5% of the deaths are unvaccinated people. One would hope so, otherwise, it would indicate that the vaccines are not working. Keeping it in perspective, a couple hundred Americans are dying per day due to COVID-19 out of a population of 330 million people.

More vaccinations will occur, and President Biden will likely reach his goal of 70% of the US adult population vaccinated with at least one dose, when the FDA provides official vaccine approval rather than the emergency approval in place for months. Once official approval is received, the military, businesses, schools and universities may mandate vaccines for troops, employees and students.

The FDA makes a big announcement that it grants priority review for the Pfizer vaccine. What have you been doing?! Hello. Anybody home? It is a once in a century pandemic!! Why was it not on priority review from day one? Someone needs fired.

The FDA priority review promises a decision on the official approval within six months (January 2022) but a decision may occur before then in a couple months. It is laughable. What a stupid announcement. We announce that in the future at some point we will be making an announcement.

Nothing has changed. The FDA would have been better off to announce nothing. In fact, the announcement makes it sound like they are pushing the official approval through quickly and perhaps too fast which will not be received well by the unvaccinated crowd. People do not want the shot because the vaccinations are too new so pushing through official approval will not convince them to roll up sleeves.

The CDC says the COVID-19 vaccines may not protect the immunocompromised. How long has this information been known and hidden from the public? The medical officials wonder why people do not trust the pandemic information. Isn’t it obvious? The messaging is massaged throughout the whole pandemic which breeds mistrust. Bad news is hidden or watered down into softer baby talk for the folks hiding under the bed. Good news is heralded as the Second Coming.

The CDC says 75% of the breakthrough cases that put people in the hospital, or kill them, are over 65 years old. Fauci says 99.5% of the deaths are unvaccinated so that means 0.5% of the deaths are vaccinated people. The CDC has a lot more data on breakthrough cases that they are not making public. The stingy release of this information is not helpful in convincing people to get the shot. Some people may take the shot if they are told all the information, or at least what they believe to be all the information, about the vaccinations. Perceptions are important when dealing with human behavior.

Former President Trump admitted he lied to America early on in the pandemic, playing down the severity of COVID-19 because he did not want to scare people, so he says. How stupid was that? Leaders should tell the public the truth, good or bad, but they do not. They are always more concerned about protecting thiefdoms or winning the next election and King Donnie was no doubt worried about his reelection campaign.

Vaccine mandates are popping up around the world. France is requiring vaccines for all healthcare workers and those working in nursing homes and with the vulnerable and frail. A health pass is required to visit bars, restaurants and events. The health pass confirms vaccination or a negative test within the last few days. After many months, the Eiffel Tower reopens but only for vaccinated people. An irate Frenchmen with wine, cigarettes and baguette in hand, shakes his fist at the authorities. Sacrebleu!

Over 190 million people worldwide have been infected with China Flu and nearly 4.1 million are dead. The Biden administration says that the Wuhan Lab leak is a credible theory concerning the origin of coronavirus. Finally, after many months of denigrating whoever suggested this obvious conclusion, the Biden administration and mainstream media begrudgingly agree.

COVID-19 was released from one of the Wuhan Labs (there are bioweapons labs the filthy CCP will not admit exist), either accidentally or intentionally. China refuses to cooperate with the rest of the world because they know the truth and do not want held liable for paying reparations to every country on earth for their dastardly deed. But they will.

The world chart above for daily new cases shows the sharp rise in the pandemic cases around the globe. Daily new cases are running at about 560K per day for the last 3 days. The 7-day MA, a moving average line that helps identify trend, is pointing skyward indicating more China Flu trouble ahead for the planet.

The world map above shows the global hotspots in progress; Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Europe and Northern Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan, and Mexico and Central America. Indonesia and Malaysia are in terrible shape. Also, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan and Iran. Mexico’s rapid rise in infections threatens the US southern border. Europeans are crying in their wine as they cancel summer travel plans.

The US daily new cases chart is shown above. Total cases are quickly approaching 35 million in America with deaths at 624,606 souls. The US reports 40.5K daily new cases for yesterday. This is a 2.5K cases rise from Thursday. The Friday data is usually the highest so in a small way, it is great that the number is not far higher, but nonetheless it is the highest of the current wave 5.

The US active cases chart is shown above. Sadly, the active cases curve curls higher. This is the bell-curve chart that needs to roll over to prove the virus is being defeated. Obviously, the US is now going the wrong way. As per the Keystone Model, adding 28 days to the peak day of daily new cases, which is currently 7/16/21, yesterday, is 8/13/21 as the target date for the active cases curve to flatten and roll over.

The 28-day modeling period can be reduced a couple-few days since the US is better at handling the pandemic so perhaps America will have success at rolling the active cases chart over by early August. US healthcare workers in the southern and western states should be told to expect a busy back-half of the month and early August. The pandemic is the China nightmare that will not go away.

The US deaths chart is shown above. 293 Americans die yesterday and 361 the day before. Not good. The 7-day MA trend line slopes higher. The 3-day MA prints a higher high which verifies the uptrend in deaths in progress. There was lots of talk worldwide that cases were decoupling from hospitalizations and deaths. This theory is being debunked as evidenced by the UK, US and other nations. Daily new cases, active cases and hospitalizations remain connected at the hip. Deaths are now following along after the rise in cases and hospitalizations; it is the same routine that has occurred throughout the pandemic.

The California daily new cases chart is shown above. The Golden State reports 4.6K daily new cases another high not seen since early March. The trouble is the increase will greatly impact the country’s overall numbers since California is such a highly-populated state. Over 64K Californians have died from the Wuhan Virus and total cases are running towards 3.9 million. California reopened its economy on 6/15/21 and a month later cases rise.

The Missouri daily new cases chart is shown above going parabolic. Southern Missouri hospitals are busier than at anytime during the pandemic. 2.3K daily new cases occur yesterday in Missouri lower than the day before at 2.9K cases. Hopefully, the daily cases may be peaking. This week will tell the tale.

The Arkansas daily new cases chart is shown above. Arkansas reports a peak of 1.5K daily new cases on 7/13/21, last Tuesday. Yesterday is 1.3K daily new cases. It is encouraging that the cases have leveled off, with a slight downward bias, for the last 3 days. This is further evidenced by the 7-day MA trend line that peaked at 1,023 cases on 7/14/21, last Wednesday. The 7-day MA is now at 1,017 cases below the hump day high. Maybe that is why they call it hump day.

If the Arkansas 7-day MA for daily new cases can remain below that 1,023 cases level, the state, and the country, may have a better path forward than anyone expects. Fingers crossed. Of course, if the 7-day MA continues higher, that solidifies more trouble ahead.

Conditions in Arkansas may improve this week and perhaps Americans can back off from the ledge and tamp down the negative rhetoric aimed at one another. If Arkansas improves, it will hint that Missouri is on the mend if its daily cases can also string together several pull-back days.

The Nevada daily new cases chart is shown above with about 900 cases occurring in each of the last 2 days. Perhaps the bedroom secrets stay in Las Vegas but not coronavirus. It happily jumps from bed to bed and town to town. Coronavirus is a promiscuous virus. Las Vegas is the epicenter of the Nevada outbreak. Folks want to have fun in the sun so they flock to the gambling city and return home with COVID-19. Some folks also receive a venereal disease as a parting gift.

The Indonesia daily new cases chart is shown above. The Malaysia chart is the same. The two nations are reporting the highest daily new cases ever so the pain will continue for a while. Indonesia’s daily new cases are running above 50K per day on their way to 60K per day.

The Mexico daily new cases chart is shown above with 12.8K cases occurring yesterday the highest since February. The southern border states have to remain alert.

The Netherlands daily new cases chart is shown above. The Dutch are getting pounded by historic flooding as the COVID-19 infections rocket launch into the stratosphere. The misery in Holland will continue through the summer into Fall.

The USA has the greatest number of total coronavirus cases in the world at 34.9 million. India is next with 31.1 million total virus cases. Brazil, Russia, France, Turkey, UK, Argentina, Colombia and Italy round out the top ten with Russia and France swapping places over the last week. Conditions are bad in Russia but the world remains uninformed since dirtbag Dictator Putin controls his state-run media.

Coronavirus has infected 190.5 million people worldwide. 4.1 million people have died from the China Virus. Fortunately, 173.6 million global citizens have recovered from the Wuhan Flu. 91% (173.6/190.5) of the people that become infected with COVID-19 recover in a reasonable time frame. This percentage had improved by about 7 points during May and June but now drops off from the 92% level 3 weeks ago. This 91% to 92% area is looking like a ceiling for the recovery percentage.

Worldwide, 2.2% (4.1/190.5) of the people that are infected with covid die. This number has sat at 2.1%-2.2% for many months. 1 in every 46 people that are infected with COVID-19 around the world will die, and this number does not budge week after week even month after month. It is always 2.1%-2.2% and will not change. The global mortality rate is at an impasse for months. It will be a great day if it ever decreases.

2.5% (190.5/7670) of the world’s population of 7.67 billion people have been infected with coronavirus; 1 in every 40 people on earth. The Wuhan Virus has negatively impacted everyone on the planet in one way or the other.

The worldwide deaths from COVID-19 are over 4.1 million. More people die this year from coronavirus than all of last year. China screwed the world bigtime surely a crime against humanity. No wonder the communists will not cooperate to find out the true origin of coronavirus which is likely the Wuhan Laboratories.

In the United States, over 34.9 million people are infected with covid. 624.6K Americans are dead. 29.4 million Americans have recovered from coronavirus. This equates to nearly 84% (29.4/34.9) of US citizens recovering after becoming infected with COVID-19. The number increases by about 6 percentage-points over during May and June but levels-off for the last 3 weeks. Like the world’s recovery rate above, the US recovery rate may have met its ceiling at about 84%. The US recovery rate is lower than the world’s because of the obesity problem.

Over 80% of the people dying from coronavirus are fatso’s asper a previous CDC statistic that has since been removed from the obesity page. The liberal media, that supports democrats, attacks republican states in the south for the low vaccination rate leading to illness.

As per the CDC’s obesity data, the worst states for obesity include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee which are states experiencing the jumps in new cases! The obese people keep getting sick with covid. It has been true from the start of the pandemic and it is true now. The media should place equal blame on fat people for the current rise in cases. Americans must begin doing push-ups each evening. Push yourself up and away from the table!

In the US, 1.8% (624.6/34930) of the people infected with COVID-19 die. This number remains sticky week after week, for multiple months, but the vaccines are supposed to reduce deaths. The majority of deaths now, 99.5% according to Fauci, are unvaccinated people. Interestingly, the same percentage of deaths occur whether it was before the vaccinations or during the vaccinations. It is amazing how this number will not budge month after month. It will be a big deal when the 1.8% drops lower.

The 1.8% equates to 1 in every 56 US citizens that are infected with coronavirus dying. The death rate is at 2.2% globally which is higher than the US reflecting the lower vaccination rates, less medical equipment such as ventilators and oxygen tanks, less hospitals and less medical folks to work at the facilities. And, also, more people will die in poorer nations than wealthier nations due to environmental and living conditions. Ironically, Americans worship unhealthy eating habits resulting in obesity while at the same time ignoring life-saving vaccines.

10.6% (34.9/330) of the American population of 330 million people have been infected with covid. 1 in every 10 Americans (1 in 9.5 to be exact) have been stricken with coronavirus. The minority communities are impacted disproportionately. This number remains relatively steady for several months.

The United States has 18.3% (34.9/190.5) of the COVID-19 cases in the world. 1 in 5 people that become infected with covid on planet earth are Americans. The US vaccination program is making a difference. This percentage was 22% several weeks ago so the drop is great news for the US but sadly, bad news for other nations since their infection numbers are higher.

The US accounts for 15.5% (621/4000) of the China Flu deaths in the world. The trend is slowly improving. 2 in every 11 people that die from COVID-19 around the world are Americans. A couple months ago, it was 2 in 10. The numbers are going in the right direction for the US but that means proportionally more people are dying elsewhere such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Central America.

The Keystone Speculator Coronavirus Infection Rate Model, the Keystone Model for short, is a simple model that predicts when the active cases chart curves will flatten-out and roll-over lower. The active cases chart represents the maximum stress and strain on the medical system and healthcare workers. Once the bell curve forms with active cases dropping dramatically, the virus will be defeated, and healthcare workers can breathe easier.

The Keystone Model uses the peak in the new cases to forecast the peak and flattening of the active cases curve. The ‘flattening of the curve’ only pertains to the active cases chart. For authoritarian and communist nations where the populations must do what they are told or they receive a bullet in their heads, and for smaller nations, and many Asian nations where citizens follow government rules without questioning authority, the active cases curve will peak, on average, 11 days after the peak in new cases.

China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea are in this group although their recent track records are abysmal. Also New Zealand and Australia since the populations are scattered across the countryside but Australia is now back on the bad country list below. Several Middle East nations are under authoritarian rule and the peaks in the new cases are quickly followed by the peak in the active cases chart.

For the Western countries, such as the US and European nations, the so-called free societies, the active cases curve will peak, on average, 28 days after the peak in new cases (it takes 17 days longer, about 2 weeks longer, for a free society to tamp down a virus wave than a communist or authoritarian state).

During the last few months, the 11 and 28-day timeframes compress slightly since more is known about handling coronavirus. Thus, a couple days can be shaved off the current target dates. The Keystone Model will not change since it needs to be consistent the whole way through the pandemic in its approach.

The Keystone Model has a great track record over the last year in predicting when the active cases curve flattens and the bell shape begins to appear to ring-in the end to the pandemic. Healthcare workers cannot catch a break until the active cases curve flattens and rolls-over forming the bell shape. That is when the patient load substantially declines.

The peak in the daily new cases is easily identified by the bar charts provided by Worldometer, the CDC and Johns-Hopkins. You see these daily new cases bar charts on television news channels. The bar charts typically show the 7-day moving average (MA) line which is a smoothing mechanism that helps identify the trend.

The Keystone Model considers any subsequent high number of daily new cases occurring after the peak high to be the new peak high day, if it is within 8% of the peak high on the bar chart. Is that clear as mud? If the daily new cases are within 8% of the peak high, that day becomes the peak new case date from which the 11 or 28-day period begins. This is why the daily new case peak dates in the lists below may be a few days after the peak high that you see in the bar chart.

An update for The Keystone Model is provided since another 10-day period passes, actually 11 days this time, and more data and information become available to push the China Flu story forward. The information in the Coronavirus Chronology articles is vital to understanding the progress of the pandemic and knowing where the hotspots exist. The chronology serves as a historical document that will be referenced for decades to come by those that want to experience the entire pandemic as it unfolds in real-time.

The Coronavirus Chronology compilation of articles will be published in the future by Amazon and distributed internationally. This is Article 48 in the Coronavirus Chronology that provides real-time information for historians, teachers, students, journalists, economists, market participants, corporate executives, financial managers, Wall Street, doctors, nurses, medical personnel, first responders, researchers, public officials, news organizations, traders, investors and politicians studying the COVID-19 pandemic both domestically (USA) and internationally. This forty-eighth article is published on Saturday, 7/17/21.

The coronavirus series of articles are the only real-time source of information available continuously chronicling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021. Readers live and breathe the pandemic, the worst in a century, as it occurs in real-time, experiencing the daily virus zeitgeist, good or bad, devoid of political correctness. This is not revisionist history-telling. It is the raw pandemic truth and human emotion occurring, recorded and chronicled in real time, without any allegiance to political parties or media sources.

All 48 articles are archived on The Keystone Speculator blog. The last three articles are linked below if you want to come up to speed with the COVID-19 saga.

The forty-fifth article is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)Chronology Article 45 Published 6/15/21; OVER 615K AMERICANS DEAD FROMCOVID-19; OVER 3.8 MILLION DEAD WORLDWIDE; More People Die Worldwide from ChinaFlu This Year Than All of Last Year; United States is Defeating Coronavirus;Global Hotspots Include Africa, Southeast Asia, UK, Mexico, Haiti, Columbia,Panama, Bolivia and Paraguay; Mexico Wave 3 Begins; US States Requiring aWatchful Eye Include Washington, Louisiana, Hawaii, Alabama and Arkansas; USVaccination Rate Steady at 1.0 Million Doses Per Day; President Biden’s Goal of‘Vaccinating 70% of American Adults with At Least 1 Dose by July 4th’ Remainsin Jeopardy; Portugal Wave 4 Begins; Brazil Reports Most Daily New Cases Ever;US REPORTS LESS THAN 5K DAILY NEW CASES AND LESS THAN 100 DAILY DEATHS; US andUK Fear the India B1617 Variant (Delta); Biden Administration Acknowledges thatJuly 4th Vaccination Goals Will Be Missed

The forty-sixth article is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Chronology Article 46 Published 6/26/21; NEARLY 620K AMERICANS DEAD FROM CHINA FLU; NEARLY 4 MILLION KILLED WORLDWIDE BY WUHAN VIRUS; President Biden’s 70% Vaccination Goal Unlikely Unless Official Vaccine Approval Received Quickly; Palace Intrigue at the Wuhan Laboratories; America’s Improving but Worst States are Alabama, Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Hawaii and Washington; Worst Global Hotspots Are Russia, UK, Portugal, South and Southwestern Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America; World Assessing Virulency of India B1617 Variant (Delta); Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Guatemala Reporting Deadliest Days of Pandemic; US Vaccination Rate Drops Below 600K Shots Per Day; Indonesia is the New India; Mexico Wave 3; World Begins Wave 5; United States  Begins Wave 5

The forty-seventh article is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)Chronology Article 47 Published 7/6/21; CHINA FLU KILLS OVER 4,000,000 (4MILLION) PEOPLE; World Begins Wave 5; Jury is Out on United States Wave 5;Worst US States Are Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Arkansas, Kansas, Nevada,Alabama, Louisiana, Washington and Hawaii; Worrisome US States Include Alaska,Indiana, Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio and California; Worst CountriesAre UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Russia,Algeria, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Spain, Portugal, Honduras and Mexico; UK PM BorisJohnson Rolls the Covid Dice; Israeli Study Says Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine LessEffective Against India B1617 Variant (Delta); Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia,Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cuba Reporting Deadliest Days of thePandemic; US Wave 5 Confirmed; US Vaccination Rate Drops Off Cliff; EuroFootball Games Are Superspreader Events

The Worldometer web site tracks the coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world and its link is provided. Many charts in the coronavirus series of articles are provided courtesy of Worldometer and annotated by Keystone. The CDC COVID Data Tracking Project is another excellent source of information. The Worldometer, Johns-Hopkins and CDC data track each other well with the Worldometer data ahead of the Johns-Hopkins and CDC data by a few days. The Worldometer data is far superior for forecasting since it is updated more reliably in real-time.

The countries with rising active cases charts are highlighted below with the worst nations at the bottom. Sadly, the United States is back on the bad list as daily cases rise. The peaks in daily new cases are shown and the projected peaks for active cases are based on the Keystone Model. The peak and flattening of the active cases curve represents the maximum stress on healthcare workers.

The pandemic is not under control until the active cases curve flattens and rolls over forming the bell shape. It will take longer for the active cases charts to roll over to form the bell shape for those troubled nations at the bottom of the list.

Haiti (Third Wave) (data is problematic probably underreporting of daily cases)
6/1/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases ever)
6/29/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days) (chart continues higher)
DRC-Congo (Third Wave)
6/19/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/17/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
Honduras (Continuous Wave Higher)
7/4/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases ever 7/3 and 7/4/21)
8/1/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
Tunisia (Fourth Wave)
7/10/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases of wave 4 on 7/7 and 7/10/21)
7/21/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Mozambique (Fourth Wave)
7/12/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases of wave 4 on 7/8, 7/10 and 7/12/21)
7/23/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Bangladesh (Fourth Wave)
7/12/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/23/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Greece (Fifth Wave)
7/13/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases of wave 5)
7/24/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Spain (Fifth Wave)
7/13/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases of wave 5)
7/24/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Portugal (Fourth Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases of wave 4)
7/25/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Panama (Fourth Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases of wave 4)
7/25/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Myanmar (Burma) (Third Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/25/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Zimbabwe (Fourth Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/25/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Botswana (Fourth Wave)
7/15/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/26/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Pakistan (Fourth Wave)
7/15/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases for wave 4)
7/26/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)

Cuba (Fourth Wave)
7/15/21 New Case Peak Date
7/26/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Morocco (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever for wave 5)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Algeria (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Libya (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Guatemala (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Vietnam (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest daily cases ever 7/15 and 7/16/21)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
South Korea (Third Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever 7/14, 7/15 and 7/16/21)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Indonesia (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever 7/15 and 7/16/21)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Malaysia (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases ever 7/15 and 7/16/21)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Thailand (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases ever)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Russia (Third Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases of wave 3 during July)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Kazakhstan (Seventh Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases ever)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Iran (Sixth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases for wave 6 are this month)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
Australia (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest new cases for wave 5 are 7/12 and 7/16/21)
7/27/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 11 days)
United States (Fifth Wave) (outbreaks in southern and western states)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 5)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
France (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 5)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
Netherlands (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 5)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
Ireland (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 4)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
UK (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 4)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)
Mexico (Third Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date (highest cases for wave 3)
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (based on 28 days)

Haiti remains challenged with its active cases chart moving higher. The president was assassinated a week ago so the country is in political turmoil as the virus rages on. 14 Haitians die yesterday the deadliest day of the pandemic. It is a disgrace that Georgia, USA, could not ship unused vaccines to Haiti along with some medical people to quickly shoot it into their arms. What is wrong with the world?

Uganda is taken off the bad list above as its active cases curve rolls over to form the bell shape. Ditto Mongolia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. It is great to see Namibia’s and South Africa’s active cases curves start to roll over. COVID-19 smacks southern Africa over the last couple months. South Africa’s top is sloppy so give it a couple days but it looks like southern Africa is on its way to beating back the covid monster.

Dominican Republic improves which is great news for the Caribbean islands and Central America. Colombia is removed off the bad list which is fantastic news. The poor Colombians, and neighboring Venezuelans fleeing their country, have been pummeled by COVID-19 since April. Good on them that conditions are improving. Panama, Honduras and Guatemala, however, remain ugly.

Cuba is reporting record covid cases and deaths over the last week. Cubans are revolting in the communist country protesting the lack of adequate healthcare, medical treatment, medicine, water and food. Multiple decades of communist dictatorship rule by the filthy Castro brothers results in a country on the brink. The pandemic creates more turmoil. Protesters are waving American flags in the streets.

Mexico has taken a turn for the worse and threatens the US southern border. Mexico reports the highest cases for the current wave yesterday so the pain and misery will continue for the Mexicans over the next month. Texas, Arizona and New Mexico must remain vigilant. A vaccination program is focused on each side of the Texas-Mexico border to put up a firewall but only time will tell if it holds back the pandemic.

The US government is transporting migrants, that cross the southern border, to different areas of the country for assimilation but without stringent testing protocols, these folks may be contributing to the outbreaks in the south and west.

The UK remains in deep trouble with escalating cases. The Euro football championship is a superspreader event accounting for much of the uptick. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is busy picking out party streamers for the Monday grand reopening. Johnson plans to go ahead with reopening the UK economy and removing all coronavirus guidelines after tomorrow. Johnson rolls the covid dice as daily new cases spike to 52K the highest since January. Boris will sleep like a baby over the next two nights; getting up every hour and crying.

Oh my. You cannot make the stuff up. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid is in poor health after contracting coronavirus even though he is vaccinated (breakthrough). Javid says he feels groggy and has other mild symptoms; humorously, other than that he’s fine. News reports do not specify which vaccine he had but it was the 2-dose regimen of either AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is the glory child for the UK resulting from a partnership with the old time Oxford University so perhaps Javid is keeping mum about his AstraZeneca shots so as not to embarrass his homeland? Boris is sweating profusely and asks the Queen if he can borrow her handkerchief.

Ireland reports a big spike in daily new cases and enters its wave 4. Saudi Arabia improves but may stumble into a sideways malaise if they do not maintain vigilance. The Israeli prime minister says vaccines are not solving the covid problem. Daily new cases, and active cases, are rising in Israel.

The Southeast Asia mess continues. Indonesia and Malaysia are the worst spots on the planet right now. A surprising statistic, not yet confirmed, is that over 90% of the cases in Malaysia are asymptomatic. It is as if the contagiousness of the disease increases but its lethality decreases. Only 6% of the 270 million Indonesia population is vaccinated. Indonesia is an economic powerhouse as well as other Asian nations so the pandemic slows global commerce.

Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos are all in bad shape. Nepal is hanging in there but will likely be infected over the coming week or two. Pakistan is in bad shape so is Iran. The stan’s are on shaky ground. Russia’s infections move south into Kazakhstan and then will continue south into the other stan’s. This sick activity is at China’s border but the communists are always painting a rosy picture unwilling to tell the world the truth about their COVID-19 cases.

South Korea’s fall from grace is a disgrace. The Koreans were the shining example on how to properly execute an effective testing, tracking and tracing program; now they are a laughing stock although no one is laughing about people becoming sick with China Virus and dying. South Korea must redouble their efforts because the pandemic is spinning out of control. In Seoul, it takes a toll. Lockdown restrictions increase in Seoul and the surrounding regions. One-third of the new cases are the India B1617 variant (delta).

Australia is on the bad list which has not occurred in a year. The mighty have fallen. Australia, South Korea and Japan were the stalwart champion handlers of the pandemic last year now they look like junior varsity amateurs stumbling around in the dark. Lockdowns continue in Sydney, Melbourne and other regions. Singapore continues dealing with a rise in cases blaming karaoke bars for the spread.

Japan’s daily cases continue rising which is unfortunate with the Olympics beginning on Friday. Japan has to takes some blame since it should have inoculated far more of the population. About 20% of Japan is vaccinated which has doubled over the last couple weeks. A foreign visitor to the Olympic Village, where the athletes stay, tests positive. It is not good for the Village to be defiled. The visitor is placed into quarantine away from the Village.

The naysayers keep complaining about the Olympics which is not helpful. There are claims that the Olympics will create a superspreader event. The athletes, coaches and people directly involved with the Olympics are about 85% vaccinated and others are tested daily. The athletes should get through the next 3 weeks fine with the safety measures in place. Of course, there will be incidents and problems and two NBA players are already off the USA basketball team for covid issues.

Without fans at the Olympics, the worries of a superspreader event are likely overdone. Japan has also shut off booze sales at bars and restaurants to deter people from going out. No wonder much of the population is mad and complaining about the Olympics; it is a major inconvenience for them as they deal with the pandemic. Almost 50 coronavirus cases are linked in some way to the Olympics. This number needs to flatten-out and subside to quiet the detractors.

CNN keeps stating that the daily cases in Japan are the highest in 6 months but it is getting jumbled-up with Tokyo. Currently, Japan’s daily new cases at 3.4K are the highest since 5/30/21 which is only about 7 weeks ago not even 2 months. Tokyo's cases are sneaking towards 6-month highs. The Whitehouse needs to provide 50 lashes with a wet noodle for such misinformation. After all, Sleepy Joe has appointed himself as the misinformation police, disinformation judge, the new law of the land and the king of all media. Isn’t Howard Stern the king of all media?

The Olympics should go well despite the rise in cases in Japan and perhaps they will provide the world something fun to think about instead of the human destruction and death that China has inflicted upon all nations.

Europe is in trouble again. The chronology described coronavirus arriving on the shores of Portugal and then moving east into Spain and north into France. At the same time, COVID-19 crosses the channel and attacks Belgium, the Netherlands and onto Germany. Belgium, Italy and Germany are not yet on the bad list above but will be added next time.

Epic floods are occurring in Germany and Netherlands. The devastation is historic and will only add to the pandemic woes. No one is thinking about masks, social distancing and vaccinations while trying to save lives from the rising waters.

Coronavirus takes a dump on European vacation plans. The hot spots, for beach fun and now also covid, are Greece, Portugal and Spain where the beautiful ladies in bikinis make young male minds swoon. Too bad. The Tiki bar just closed the sullen manager saying drink-up because that is the last of the Mai Tai’s and Zombie’s for a while.

Northern Africa is now a hot zone. Morocco is in bad shape with cases going exponential. Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, too. Cases are inching higher in Turkey so do not be surprised if it ends up on the bad list next time.

In summary, the global hotspots are Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Europe and Northern Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan, and Mexico and Central America as the world chart illustrates above.

The next list is the US states struggling with coronavirus with the worst states listed at the bottom. For about 3 months, there were a handful of states with data issues but as Keystone surmised, the problem was in the daily case numbers which now rise in these states and match their active cases curves that in most instances are flattening and trying to roll over unlike the other states that are on the upswing.

The peak in daily new cases and projections for the peaks in active cases are provided as per the Keystone Model. The flattening and roll over of the active cases curve forming the bell shape indicates the virus is being defeated. All 50 states report a rise in cases over the last couple days but a handful of states are flat and many more indicate only small numbers of new cases.

Idaho (Fourth Wave/Continuous)
7/12/21 New Case Peak Date
8/9/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over)
Mississippi (Fifth Wave)
7/12/21 New Case Peak Date
8/9/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Maine (Second Wave/Continuous)
7/13/21 New Case Peak Date
8/10/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over lower)
Alabama (Fifth Wave)
7/13/21 New Case Peak Date
8/10/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Arkansas (Fifth Wave)
7/13/21 New Case Peak Date
8/10/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Kentucky (Continuous Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date
8/11/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over)
Louisiana (Fourth Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date
8/11/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Oklahoma (Fifth Wave)
7/14/21 New Case Peak Date
8/11/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date

Missouri (Fifth Wave)
7/15/21 New Case Peak Date
8/12/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Hawaii (Fifth Wave/Continuous)
7/15/21 New Case Peak Date
8/12/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Alaska (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Rhode Island (Fourth Wave/Continuous)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over)
Maryland (Continuous Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over)
Virginia (Continuous Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date (curve trying to flatten and roll over)
Washington (Fifth Wave/Continuous)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Kansas (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
North Carolina (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Tennessee (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Utah (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Nevada (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
California (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Texas (Fourth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date
Florida (Fifth Wave)
7/16/21 New Case Peak Date
8/13/21 Projected Active Case Peak Date

The 23 states above have active cases curves rising (or flattening-off trying to roll over). These are the worst states and it is one-half the country. The news does not get better because 21 more states are on the verge of their active cases curves curling higher which is terrible. 6 states are hanging in there but it is not saying much; Colorado, Connecticut, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and New Hampshire.

Surprisingly, Vermont is seeing a bump higher in cases and it is a strongly vaccinated state. Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico and probably a dozen other states will likely end up on the bad list above next time. The United States is going completely in the wrong direction.

The data and charts do not look good, however, wave 4 was ramping up similarly and right when it looked like it would go parabolic, it fizzled out. Note how key states such as Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi are higher on the list. Sure, their daily new cases are only going down for a day or two but it is a positive development in the sea of sadness. The weekend data should be subdued carrying the US into next week.

The jury is out on the US wave 5 continuing. It appears a done-deal that it will continue and cases will accelerate higher but at the same time it has that wave 4 feel where it could peter out this week. Give it one more week of data which likely determines the fate of the US for the next 2 to 3 months. The rise in cases in Florida, Texas and California, 3 big states, are very worrisome. It is reminiscent of the worst times of the pandemic when these 3 states, and New York, led the country’s misery.

Norwegian Cruise Lines sues Florida over banning vaccine passports. Norwegian prefers passengers to be vaccinated for future trips and would like to dock at the Florida ports. The cruise lines are stuck in the middle trying to please different masters with different requirements that conflict.

As per CDC data, US hospital admissions are sadly trending higher again also hospitalizations. So much for the decoupling of hospitalizations from cases. It is all still connected at the hip; daily new cases, active cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The KFF web site provides excellent data and information onhuman behavior. The unvaccinated folks say the key number one reason they do not want the shot is that the vaccine is too new (and the Whitehouse can do nothing to change this). Next, the following four reasons are given equal weight in importance; worried about side effects, just don’t want to get the vaccine, don’t trust the government, and don’t think they need the COVID-19 vaccine (like many never needed a flu shot since every year they never got the flu).

The Whitehouse is banging its head against the wall trying to change minds that think this way. Look at the bright side. A lot of people will get sick. This creates more people with natural antibodies that will take America even further into herd immunity territory.

The CDC COVID Data Tracker says 161 million Americans arefully vaccinated past Biden’s 160 million goal. 68.1% of US adults have at least one dose moving tortoise-like towards Biden’s 70% goal. Maybe a month from now the turtle will arrive at the finish line. It is a painfully slow pace that must disappoint and frustrate doctors and nurses that are enthusiastically pro-vaccine. Humans are too varied in their psychological makeup so it is unrealistic to think that they would all join hands and skip to the nearest vaccination site.

The US vaccination rate is trying to stabilize in the 300Kto 500K shots per day range. God bless those folks out in the trenches doing what they can to get people vaccinated that want the shot.

Unvaccinated Keystone finishes a swim at the appropriately-named, Keystone Lake, in the scenic Laurel Ridge Mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. It is a good time to visit Nurse Goodbody for the vaccination but there has been an ongoing disagreement as to where the shot is administered. Keystone will accept the shot but he wants to receive it in the buttocks from Nurse Goodbody. She vehemently disagrees with what she says is an unreasonable request. The beautiful nurse says it is the arm or nothing, however, she is slowly coming to accept the buttocks idea due to Keystone’s persistence.

Keystone enters the waiting room at the hospital. The patients are in a rambunctious mood some are laughing uncontrollably, some are aghast. Nurse Goodbody sees Keystone from the receptionist area and quickly ushers him inside and into an empty patient room closing the door behind her. “What are you doing, Keystone?” Keystone asks Nurse Goodbody if she is ready to provide the vaccination. If so, he is requesting the left cheek for the first shot and right cheek for the future second shot.

The pretty nurse says she has no time for this right now although it looks like she is trying to hold back some laughter. She says it is the arm or nothing. “Nurse Goodbody, as you know because you are the smartest, and prettiest, nurse in this hospital, the coronavirus vaccines are intramuscular injections and the tissue in the buttocks, like the arm, will absorb the vaccine into the bloodstream where the immune system takes over. You’re a pro. You know that.”

The nurse is a softy for Keystone’s antics so she tells him to come back in two days when they are set up for the office shots. She is not making any promises, and will have to consult with Dr Ben Dover, but she says his buttocks may be doable. Keystone is happy that the situation is resolved and looks forward to seeing Nurse Goodbody again in a couple days.

Nurse Goodbody tells him to exit via back door. “Keystone, when you come back, do not wear your Speedo’s, short robe and sandals; the waiting room is still recovering from the sight.” Keystone smiles in agreement adding, “I suppose you’re right, Nurse Goodbody, these Speedo’s are two sizes too small.”

The United States is in wave 5 of the never-ending coronavirus pandemic. The next week of data will dictate if the wave 5 has upside legs, or not. The hope remains that it will repeat the path of wave 4 and burn itself out quickly with the charts rolling back over to the downside.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/18/21, at 4:00 AM EST: Facebook pushes back at the Biden administration for the president's comments on Friday attacking social media. Biden proclaims that Facebook and other social media platforms "are killing people" because they allow vaccine misinformation on the sites that deter people from taking the shot. This is nonsense. Biden is looking for excuses for missing the 70% goal. Facebook directly calls out the missed goal proclaiming that it helped save lives with its vaccination site app over the last year. As per the KFF data above, the key reason that unvaccinated folks are waiting to get the shot is because the vaccines are too new and only time will change that. Fauci blames social media for people not wanting to be vaccinated. Fauci opines, "We probably would still have polio in the country if we had the kind of false information being spread now." The pandemic is a carnival sideshow with talking heads confusing the public daily. Does Fauci's daily comments help or only serve to confuse people further? The mask mandate in Los Angeles County, California, is met with resistance by some people. It is difficult to reimpose rules on society after they are removed. LA County Sheriff Villanueva decrees, "Forcing the vaccinated and those who already contracted COVID-19 to wear masks indoors is not backed by science and contradicts the US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) guidelines." The sheriff says he "will not expend our limited resources" to enforce the new mask mandate. San Francisco is now strongly suggesting that people wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status (San Fran is a very liberal city). After 1-1/2 years, everyone is sick of the pandemic and wants Uncle Covid to go away but instead he remains the unwelcomed houseguest that will not leave.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/18/21, at 4:30 AM EST: CNN media reports that two athletes and an official from South Africa test positive for coronavirus at the Olympic Village. Japan reports 3.4K daily new cases for the last 2 days; perhaps the cases will top-off as the Olympics begin which will help tamp down the non-stop negative news reports. The UK is only hours away from relaxing social distancing and other coronavirus guidelines on Freedom Day, which may become Boris Johnson's Waterloo? Masks will still be required on public transportation. A stink develops after UK Health Secretary Javid tests positive for COVID-19 and is now isolating at home. The rules say anyone in contact with Javid must also isolate but Boris plans his big party tomorrow on Freedom Day. Lo and behold, a magical test program is announced by the UK where select individuals (the ruling class; Johnson) do not have to isolate after being in contact with a person that tests positive. This option is not available to common Brit's. Of course not. Across Western societies, there are two sets of rules, one for the kings and queens and the other for the huddled masses; the serfs. Johnson wants to kick-off a big party tomorrow and he cannot do that if isolated at home. People will look back in a few decades and highlight events that sent democracies and representative republics down a dark road. Social unrest increases around the world. The natives are getting restless. This just in. The UK reports 55K daily new cases for yesterday another record high for the current wave. After hearing the case numbers, Boris paces back and forth distracted from the party preparations. France is requiring coronavirus testing within 24 hours for anyone returning from the UK, Spain, Portugal and Greece (the last three are Europe's favorite vacation destinations; the beaches, and lovely ladies, are beautiful). France should also have the Netherlands on that list.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/18/21, at 5:00 AM EST: Cases are rising quickly in France so as usual, most leaders are too slow in reacting to oncoming coronavirus waves. Kazakhstan reports 5.7K daily new cases the highest ever. Darn. Thailand reports 10.1K daily new cases the highest ever and 141 deaths the deadliest day ever. Thailand tries to open Phuket since the tourist money is desperately needed but the country is now in shambles with the pandemic spiraling out of control. 233 die in Myanmar the deadliest day ever. Cases in Indonesia and Malaysia are a hair off the top so keep your fingers crossed that their misery will at least top-out over the coming days.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/18/21, at 5:30 AM EST: The US reports 24K daily new cases a welcome sight compared to Friday's 41K cases but the weekend data is always lighter. Nonetheless, take the victories where you find them. The 24K is below the 7-day MA at 31K. Today's (Sunday) numbers for the US should also be lower and below the 24K cases. 113 Americans die from COVID-19 yesterday. The Whitehouse continues blaming social media for people not taking the vaccine. This thinking is misguided. As dear ole Mom would say, "If someone told you to jump off a bridge, are you going to jump off a bridge?" Of course not. There are three reasons for the COVID-19 caseload increasing in the United States; republican states where some folks simply want to defy Biden's agenda, Black folks that are mistrusting of the medical community, and, most of all, obese folks. Mainly, it is the fat folks dying. If obese, you breathe heavy walking up steps. Multiply that by 10 or more if you get covid. Without oxygen, an infected obese human then slowly suffocates to death. If you become winded and short of breath when walking out to get the mail because of your weight problem, you need to talk to your doctor about getting the vaccine because if you contract covid, you will likely become very sick and/or die. COVID-19 attacks your respiratory system. A fourth reason for the avoidance of vaccines is Catholic folks that are concerned that the shots may impact future family genetics (that the medical people say is not a worry). Surgeon General Jerome Adams, that served under former President Trump, performs a mea culpa on masks tweeting; "Last year Tony Fauci and I famously, prematurely, & wrongly advised against masks. I felt it was the best call at the time, but now regret it. I'm worried the CDC also made a similarly premature, misinterpreted, yet sill harmful call on masking in the face of the delta variant." The CDC is receiving criticism for lifting the mask rules but they are between a rock and a hard place. To encourage vaccinations, a shot would allow you to go maskless. However, unvaccinated folks ditched their masks as well leading to the wave 5 spread. The CDC counted on the honor system but realizes there is no honor. The wealthy raped the country for all its worth over the last five decades so common people do not have the same moral compass of years ago. The next decade or two will be payback where the 300 million huddled masses take back from the greedy 30 million. 

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/18/21, at 6:00 AM EST: The BBC reports that UK PM Johnson will self-isolate after a backlash of criticism occurs from his planning to attend Freedom Day. If there are rules about isolating after being in contact with a sick individual (Javid), the rules must apply to everyone. Johnson was stupid for trying to change the rules for himself under the guise of the pilot program where bigshots do not have to isolate. Credibility is lost. When in power, elected officials want to be king instead of focusing on things that help average people. Politicians are beholding to their campaign donors. In the US, a group of democrat politicians from Texas leave the state on an airplane to disallow a vote on a voting bill they feel is unfair. The idiot lawmakers take a photograph in the airplane showing that they are all maskless. At least 16 individuals in the photo are not wearing a mask. By CDC and more importantly, FAA, mandates, masks are non-negotiable and must be worn inside the aircraft. Once again, more examples of the ruling class living by a different set of laws than the peons. America is the land of the have's and have not's as crony capitalism crumbles. Those lawmakers should be fined but the plane is probably private charter and they will weasel out of any trouble. Nobility lives a different life. Americans are pulled off planes because they do not want to mask and families are dragged back to the terminal because their 2 year old will not keep his mask on. Common people are screwed while the elite privileged class jet set around in private planes treated like royalty. It gets better. The group arrives in Washington, DC, and is greeted by Vice President Harris. President Biden is not present at the meeting. Immediately after the meeting, three of the morons test positive for coronavirus. All of the lawmakers are vaccinated so they are breakthrough cases. Kamala Harris visits Walter Reed Hospital claiming it is a routine checkup but obviously she is probably wondering if she has been exposed to COVID-19 by the Texas group.

Note Added Sunday Afternoon, 7/18/21: Two more of the politicians in the Texas entourage that landed in Washington, DC, are sick with covid. More breakthrough cases; 5 for the Texas lawmakers so far. 30 people are in self-isolation because they came in contact with these infected folks from the Lonestar State. Ridiculously, politicians are spreading covid. The lawmakers did not wear masks on the plane but it was a private charter so they can weasel-around the law. Two sets of rules, one for the elite and one for the huddled masses, will destroy the nation. The Whitehouse continues the push for vaccinations saying that 12 people on social media are responsible for 65% of the misinformation about the pandemic. How are they quantifying this data? Surgeon General Murthy makes the rounds on the Sunday morning political talks shows on television declaring, "I'm worried about what is to come." Dr Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and on the board at Pfizer and Illumina, says about 50% of the US population is vaccinated, and about 25% or 30% had the virus, which still leaves about 25% of the population vulnerable to infection. "That's still a lot of people." Gottlieb proclaims, "This variant (India B1617 (delta)) is so contagious that it's going to infect the majority, that most people will either get vaccinated, or have been previously infected, or they will get this Delta variant." The doctor decrees, "And for most people who get this Delta variant, it's going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital."

Note Added Sunday Evening, 7/18/21: Female tennis player Cori "Coco" Gauff tests positive before she leaves for the Olympics so she is out. You would think she would have did a better job of isolating herself; the origin of her infection is not stated. The Olympics naysayers and detractors claim that a loss of bigtime athletes will detract from the Games. Few people ever even heard of Gauff who is ranked 25th in the world. She says the Olympics is a dream but it is not clear if she is vaccinated. The Olympics used to be about the unknown amateurs shining.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/19/21, at 3:00 AM EST: Freedom Day has arrived in the UK and comically, Prime Minister Johnson, and Health Secretary Javid, the two top figures in handling the pandemic, are both locked-up in isolation; Javid testing positive and Johnson in isolation due to his contact with Javid. That is funny; there is humor even in the middle of a pandemic. From isolation, Boris urges caution as he removes coronavirus restrictions. If you want folks to remain cautious, why remove the guidelines? Johnson proclaims, "There is no ideal time to reopen the economy." He has a point but it is stupid to remove the pandemic rules and reopen bars and restaurants as cases move parabolically higher. A 2-week delay may have been a smart move but Johnson is worried about revolt with people fed up with the long pandemic. Johnson's detractors have the knives out denigrating him at every opportunity. Medical pundits and political enemies say the relaxation of UK restrictions are reckless, unethical and will lead to more cases and perhaps more virus mutations. Time will tell. Boris is rolling the covid dice hoping they come up a winner. The UK reports 48.1K daily new cases less than the day before at 54.5K daily cases. Johnson is strutting around the living room with his chest puffed-out believing that things will work out.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/19/21, at 4:00 AM EST: The Japan Olympics begins on Friday, 7/23/21. 58 coronavirus cases are linked to the Olympics thus far up 10 from yesterday. The rate of change is what matters. Thus, over the next day, see if there are more, or less than, 10 cases, and each day after. Conditions should improve around the Olympic Village over the coming days. Give them a chance. It is a difficult situation with naysayers screaming in your ear all day long that the Olympics should be cancelled. Once the Games begin on Friday, irritating, naysaying humans will likely quiet down. Japan reports 3.9K daily new cases a bump higher from the prior 2 days that were about 3.4K cases. This is bad news but the cases in Japan must be thought of differently than the cases related to Tokyo itself and to the Olympics venue. Tokyo reports five consecutive days of cases above 1K. Indonesia loses confidence in China's Sinovac vaccine as cases spin out of control and is using the AstraZeneca vaccine for the second shot as well as giving medical folks the AstraZeneca vaccine as a booster. Malaysia reports 153 deaths the deadliest day ever with the death toll above 7K. The peak in daily cases was last Thursday, 7/15/21, so hopefully, the cases will continue trailing lower for Malaysia and Indonesia. Mexico's daily cases are remaining at about 12.5K per day which is not good and portends trouble at the US southern border. Russia is about to tag 6 million total coronavirus cases. France reports 12.6K daily new cases with the curve starting to go parabolic. France is screwed. Not only is the pandemic increasing in France but so are the protests with 100K people in the streets this weekend demonstrating against vaccinations, the health pass and pandemic restrictions. Where's Macron? Bueller? Macron? Cases rise in Italy so the boot-shaped nation will be kicked again by covid. Thailand is in terrible shape. Neighboring countries, the US, anybody, send oxygen to Thailand; they are going to need it. Thailand daily cases jump to 13.4K the highest of the pandemic. Myanmar tags the 5K deaths grim milestone and, like India, the cases and deaths are grossly underreported. There are likely at least 2 to 3 times as many people dying.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/19/21, at 4:30 AM EST: The US reports 9.5K daily new cases a sub 10K number which is good news even if it is a Sunday number. US cases tagged 40.9K on Friday so if the numbers can remain below there, and especially below the 7-day MA trend line at 29.0K cases, that would be great. The 7-day MA moves down from 30.7K to 29.0K cases over the last 2 days a fantastic development. If the 7-day MA flattens now and rolls over lower, wave 5 may end up as a pig in a poke. If the 3-day MA for US daily new cases can print a lower low that would forecast a far brighter picture ahead. California's cases pull back on the weekend. Florida looks bad with 8.4K daily new cases the highest of the current wave and starting to compare back to February numbers. Governor DeSantis better quit the bragging about how he handled the pandemic and get back to work. If the trend continues, Floridians are going to want to tar and feather the guy. The US data is uber important this week since it will dictate the strength of wave 5. The United States testing program reports that 58% of the cases are the India B1617 variant (delta), 25% are the UK B117 variant (alpha) and 8% the Brazil P1 variant (gamma). Those Greek names are the stupid brainchild of the incompetent WHO. It would be easiest to call them B1617, B117 and P1 if people are concerned about the sensitivity of using country names. The Greek names only create more confusion for the ongoing chaotic global pandemic. Breakthrough (people that contract COVID-19 despite vaccination) data remains scarce. About 5.5K breakthrough cases are reported out of 161 million Americans that have received the shots which is only 0.003%. The breakthrough cases are higher since many vaccinated people are asymptomatic and others do not report the subsequent infection since the symptoms are mild.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/19/21, at 5:00 AM EST: The badgering and besmirching of unvaccinated Americans will continue this week. Most Americans consider it background noise at this point. The Whitehouse and CDC must think their only option to encourage vaccinations is the endless verbal abuse that is probably doing more to solidify people's views against taking the shot. People need simple practical guidelines to follow not endless diatribes by sports celebrities or politicians that most Americans view as *ssholes. Here are two useful suggestions. Obesity is why people are dying from coronavirus. It is, literally, the 900-pound gorilla sitting on the living room sofa. If you are overweight, especially severely obese, you are screwed if you contract COVID-19; you will likely die gasping for breath. The first suggestion is to tell people to google their BMI (Body Mass Index) and then use that number to encourage them to get vaccinated. The CDC has the BMI calculator on their site. People like to use their little smartphones for tasks so many will immediately jump into action following the simple guideline. Tell Americans to perform three steps; one, google "BMI" (or go to the CDC website; provide the direct link) for one of the free BMI calculators. Two, plug in your height and weight. Three, compare your number to the guidelines that tell you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese. More importantly, the CDC should dictate a BMI number, say 25 or higher, or maybe 30 and higher, where you should immediately contact your doctor and discuss getting vaccinated. This simple exercise could be touted on television and helps common people assess their risk for COVID-19 easily giving them a concrete number. This approach would probably result in more vaccinations than the daily browbeating in the media. Young people are the least vaccinated age group so targeting the overweight and obese in this group, with the BMI guideline, would likely encourage vaccinations. The second suggestion, another simple practical thing any common person can immediately do, is the mailbox test. Simply tell folks to assess their breathing after briskly walking out to get the mail. Are you out of breath or have to sit down a few minutes? If so, see your doctor immediately and consider the vaccine. It sounds simple but people like simple. The CDC and other medical folks need to think outside the box, to use that old worn-out cliché, and try different ideas. Getting the attention of the overweight and obese people in the United States should be the major focus of the vaccination program, especially tubby young folks. Fat shaming be damned if you want to save people's lives. What about Weight Watchers and other companies that help people lose weight? They are fatso's there so it would be prudent to suggest to these weight-challenged folks to get vaccinated, or at least have an attention-getting poster on the walls of the weight-loss clinics that tell overweight and obese people they are at severe risk.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/19/21, at 5:00 AM EST: A teenage US gymnast, an alternate, tests positive for coronavirus and is now in isolation. The impact on the rest of the ladies team is unknown at this time and her name is not yet released. Dr Rob Davidson blames the right-leaning Fox News for people not getting vaccinated in the United States which gets him an appearance on the left-leaning CNN cable news. Canada is relaxing travel restrictions with the United States. Both Canada and the US have vaccinated nearly 50% of their populations but Canada edges ahead after starting their program later than the US. In other words, Canadians are more agreeable to kneeling in front of authority and rolling up their sleeves. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updates guidance saying that children older than 2 years old should wear masks in school. Lots of Americans immediately take issue with the guidance sentencing children to wear a mask for 8 hours a day. As previously discussed, people will have to rethink their quest for materialism in life and one of the parents may have to remain home to school their child. It is interesting that despite the pandemic being a once in a century event, masses of people want their lives to be exactly like before the pandemic others be damned. It does not work that way. It appears cruel to make a child breathe in their own carbon dioxide all day and more importantly, not benefit in learning by seeing the facial expressions of the teacher, or parent. This is a key way that kid's learn so everyone in masks in schools is not helpful in this respect. Families have to make their own decisions and make sure they are doing best for the child rather than proclaiming they are doing the best for the child when in reality they are more concerned about their own narcissistic convenience, income and materialism. Pandemics, and other tragic events, are times when humans search their souls, or perhaps search for their souls.

Note Added Monday Afternoon, 7/19/21: 61 people at the Olympics have tested positive including US gymnast Kara Eaker, mentioned above, and US basketball player Katie Lou Samuelson. Eaker is disappointed especially because she is vaccinated; a breakthrough case dashes her Olympic hopes. Cases rise by only 3 over the last day at the Olympics Village, from 58 to 61; that is a victory. Perhaps it will be zero in a couple days. 22% of Japanese are vaccinated the number increases daily. Tokyo Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto says the Games could be cancelled if COVID-19 cases escalate. Don't invite Muto to a party because he will bring a wet blanket. The air-weave beds at the Olympic Village are made out of cardboard and organizers say the focus is on recycling. Hilariously, athletes cry foul saying the beds are flimsy and designed to deter comingling (sex) which will spread the virus. A cardboard bed will not hold back the throws of passion. Back in the US, President Biden speaks from the Whitehouse and back pedals on the "killing" rhetoric aimed at Facebook over vaccine misinformation. Biden says it is not Facebook that is killing people it is the people posting on the social media platforms that are killing people. He tries to finesse the situation but he was asked about Facebook on Friday and he said, "They're killing people." The vaccine blame game is getting out of control. To follow the logic that people blindly believe what they read (as opposed to knowingly reading it for entertainment or because it is interesting), that means whatever movie they see at a theater they will walk out into the public domain and act like the movie. It is stupid stuff. The KFF data says the main reason people do not want to take the shot is because the vaccines are too new. Period. This is simple to understand and it makes great sense. And this is likely the main reason many doctors and nurses, and employees at the CDC, choose to not take the vaccines. The only thing that remedies this is time. The vaccine rhetoric shows no sign of stopping. The US courts say Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, is allowed to require that students be vaccinated. Get down on your knees, and roll up your sleeves.

Note Added Monday Afternoon, 7/19/21: The US stock market collapses lower the biggest selloff since last October. The public is not properly educated or informed on the breakthrough cases. The CDC defines a breakthrough as an infection occurring in a vaccinated individual 2 weeks after the shot (or second shot in the case of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines). As of 5/1/21, the CDC switched from collecting, monitoring and analyzing all breakthrough cases to focusing only on the cases resulting in hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, the media says infections are 99% due to unvaccinated people because the vaccinated stats are swept under the rug. The breakthrough cases are likely made purposefully confusing and a gray area because the Whitehouse and CDC do not want any negative news released that would in any way deter someone from getting vaccinated. This is America in 2021; manipulated messages. It is a safe assumption that the number of breakthrough cases far exceed the few thousand the CDC touts but this will not be known until it all come out in the wash in the future. Massachusetts is not shying away from reporting breakthrough cases. 10Boston media outlet reports that nearly 4.5K breakthrough cases have occurred in Massachusetts. 92% did not require hospitalizations (the numbers the CDC is ignoring) but 7% were hospitalized; 303 people. 79 vaccinated people die which is 1.8% of the 4.5K infected. This is fascinating since the death rate is comparable to the death stats reported in the article above; about 2% of those infected, and the 1.8% matches the US-wide statistic dead-on. It is disturbing, however, since the data indicates that once infected, regardless of vaccination status, you still have about a 2% chance of dying. The CDC and US government surely does not want the public to know this sad statistic (vaccines may not be as effective at preventing death as thought). More breakthrough data is needed from all states to reach proper conclusions. The latest CDC numbers for breakthrough cases is 10K but Massachusetts reports 4.5K breakthrough cases one-half the total that is supposed to represent the United States. Which number do you think is wrong?

Note Added Tuesday Morning, 7/20/21, at 4:00 AM EST: Singapore reports 172 daily new cases a big spike higher taking the nation down a dark covid path. Singapore officials tighten restrictions on the population as the trouble in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand encircles Singapore. Thailand is in terrible shape with daily cases at another record high at 12K yesterday. The UK reported 54.4K daily new cases on Saturday and the outlook was bleak. Sunday is 48K cases and yesterday 40K cases. This is an encouraging direction but will it be derailed by more Brit's out and about having fun after the reopening? The England versus Italy championship football (American soccer) match was on Sunday, 7/11/20, and the partying and excitement leading into the game ran from 7/7/21 into 7/11/21 when Italy won on penalties. The coronavirus incubation time is 7 to 10 days with 8 days a sweet spot, thus, infections in the UK would be expected to jump (like they did in Spain after their football matches) from 7/15/21 through 7/19/21; this would be a key window to focus on. The peak, so far, in UK daily cases occurs on 7/17/21 with the 54.4K cases. Bingo. The spike in UK cases likely has a lot to do with the young, and some old, too, Brit's partying together, having a good time, not worrying about masks, vaccinations and other pandemic things. Pretty girls are on the minds of young men, and booze. The football games are in the rearview mirror but the UK reopening yesterday, 7/19/21, may create another spike in daily cases in the 7/26/21 to 7/29/21 window (next week). Hospitalizations and deaths are elevated, the link with cases remains, but thankfully, the magnitude is less than the prior waves. The vaccines make an obvious impact for the good cutting severe illness way back but are not the be-all and end-all as illustrated by the UK's ongoing wave 4. Boris remains in isolation. Freedom Day has come and gone but all he could do is watch television. Johnson paces back and forth wiping beads of sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief he forgot to return to the Queen. The CDC says US citizens should avoid traveling to the UK as the cases remain elevated.

Note Added Tuesday Morning, 7/20/21, at 4:30 AM EST: Surprisingly, daily new cases in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and even the Netherlands, subside and that is Monday data which would be expected to be higher numbers. Keep your fingers crossed but the wave of infections may be a fast event swooping-in and attacking unvaccinated folks in certain areas, or if they went to a football game or party, but then flittering away just as quickly. This week's data is key for Europe and the US. The daily media doom and gloom may be overdone. Cases jump in Bangladesh. Kazakhstan cases remain elevated and deaths cross the 5K grim milestone. Daily cases in Japan decrease off the 3.9K cases on Sunday. Looking at the world's data and charts, it is surprising to see the drop off in cases over the last couple days across Europe and many other nations. This would not have been the expectation. The path ahead appeared far more dire on the weekend. Perhaps the virus is simply running its 18 month course and burning itself out like many other past pandemics and the India variant is the last hurrah. The joy is not felt in Southeast Asia, however. Cases are off the peaks in nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia, sans Thailand and Vietnam, but remain highly elevated overall. Perhaps the world, Europe and America, will be surprised over the next couple weeks that the days ahead are not as dark as forecasted. The increased cases in Vietnam are hurting Nike since about one-half of their shoes are made there. The Vietnamese are cheap labor willing to work all day for a hotdog and a Coke. 

Note Added Tuesday Morning, 7/20/21, at 5:00 AM EST: The United States crosses 35 million total coronavirus cases milestone and is about to tag 625K total deaths a grim and tragic milestone. Communist China owes America for their nefarious and mysterious deeds occurring at the Wuhan Laboratories. The US reports 24.3K daily new cases yesterday an encouraging number. 87 Americans die on Sunday and 121 yesterday. Keep it in perspective. The medical talking heads are shining a lightbulb in American's eyes, beating them with a rubber hose, and now thinking about implementing water-boarding, to force people to get vaccinated, and only 100 people die per day from covid out of a population of 330 million. And the majority of them are likely overweight and obese based on past data. Fauci continues "pleading" with people to get vaccinated and the Whitehouse continues blaming social media for people not getting vaccinated. Republican Florida Representative Vern Buchanan tests positive for covid despite being vaccinated. He has mild symptoms. The CDC will likely ignore this in their data collection since they are focused on the breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalizations and deaths. Florida has not reported their case numbers the last couple days. What s going on there? DeSantis? Bueller? DeSantis? Bueller? Where are you? California daily new cases are up again which is not good although the move higher is small. Texas crosses the 53K deaths grim milestone but thankfully, cases are paring back the last couple days. Arkansas crosses the 6K deaths grim milestone. On the positive side, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and other states show a decline in cases the last few days, however, Mississippi and Alabama are reporting elevated cases. A community transmission is occurring in the United States with the virus spreading on a county-by-county level. Keep your fingers crossed for wave 5 to roll over and die like wave 4.

Note Added Tuesday Morning, 7/20/21, at 10:00 AM EST: There are now six Texas democrat lawmakers in Washington, DC, sick with coronavirus. This is the group of Texas legislators that did not want to vote on a voting rights bill, so they left town and flew to Washington, DC, leaving the Texas government without a quorum (votes cannot take place). The group met with Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi; both are now in hiding. Did they test positive for COVID-19? Are they in self-isolation? Will the democrats lie about the situation with Harris and Pelosi playing it low key for 10 days (coronavirus incubation period) and then pretend nothing happened? Whitehouse staff are infected. A top aide to Pelosi tests positive and is in isolation. Everyone was vaccinated. The Texas lawmakers brought COVID-19 to Washington, DC, turning the Whitehouse into a covid-infected nest like the days of Trump. Do you need any more proof of the incompetence of both the republican and democrat tribes? Each day will be interesting with a cat and mouse game with Harris and Pelosi wondering if they will appear, or not. What baby games. If they are isolating, simply tell everyone. The actors may not be busy on Broadway or on the California movie lots but there is always plenty of acting and theatrics occurring in Washington, DC.

Note Added Tuesday Morning, 7/20/21, at 11:00 AM EST: The left-leaning media CNN and MSNBC are having fun poking fun at Sean Hannity on right-leaning Fox News. Hannity tells viewers last evening to "take covid seriously" and "he endorses the vaccines." He says, "Enough people have died, we do not need anymore deaths. "Hannity tells viewers to talk with their doctors and says "it makes sense to get vaccinated." He likely says this to avoid being sued. Also, the Whitehouse is likely applying pressure. 71 people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Olympics Village. In the last 3 days, the cases went from 48 to 58 to 61 and now to 71, thus, a jump of 10, then only 3, but 10 again. The drama increases around the Olympics into the grand opening ceremony Friday. CDC Director Walensky and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Fauci testify on Capitol Hill. Walensky says 83% of the US cases are the delta variant. Everyone expects more fireworks between republican Senator Rand Paul and Fauci. Paul asks Fauci probing questions about the Wuhan Lab leak and funding of gain of function research. Paul wants Fauci to admit he lied under oath when he said he did not fund gain of function research. Fauci goes into his schtick about how Paul is always attacking him. Fauci says other doctors have verified that the procedures he endorses are not qualified as gain of function. In other words, Fauci is covering himself with a white paper the size of a loin cloth. Major investigations are needed into the Wuhan Labs and the origin of coronavirus. Paul says taking an animal virus and changing it in the lab is gain of function research but Fauci disagrees. Facui is defensive because his reputation, career and legacy is on the line. It must matter a lot to him. US taxpayer money was allegedly funneled through a third party, EcoHealth, that provided the funding to the Wuhan Labs to carry out nefarious research on bats. An investigation is needed to see if US funds were involved in the alteration of the virus at the laboratories. Fauci proclaims that there is nothing to see there, probably because he knows where the bodies are buried, and accuses Paul of obfuscating the truth. The exchange develops into a shouting match. Fauci angrily responds pointing his finger at Paul, "You are implying that what we did resulted in the deaths of individuals. I totally resent that, and if anyone is lying here, senator, it is YOU." Paul points his finger back at Fauci. It is comical watching two intellectuals feign bravado with chests puffed-out and faces turning red as if reverting to their teenage years when both were vying for the same pretty girl. Fauci will be a victim of the drip, drip, drip, of the Wuhan Lab leak information until investigations uncover the truth. Both men have removed each other from their holiday greeting card lists.

Note Added Tuesday Afternoon, 7/20/21, at 3:47 PM EST: President Biden holds a cabinet meeting after six months in office. Biden proclaims, "Overall COVID-19 deaths are down dramatically over the last 6 months." They are but moving sideways for the last month. Also, 400K Americans died under Trump's watch but there are 225K dead during Biden's first 6 months. Biden decrees, "Virtually all covid deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people." The rhetoric is always slanted to try and convince people to take the shot. The UK government's chief medical advisor Sir Patrick Valance is causing a commotion saying the other day that 60% of the people admitted to the hospital are double-vaccinated. Vallance clarifies the remark saying 60% are unvaccinated. However, that means 40% of the hospitalizations are vaccinated people. The world is not being told the whole story about breakthrough cases. The US stock market recovers yesterday's losses staging a big rally.

Note Added Tuesday Evening, 7/20/21: According to a test-tube NYU study, the J&J vaccine may not be effective against the India B1617 variant (delta). 13 million people that received the Johnny John shot because it was one shot and done, will now likely have to go back for a second booster shot. This is the stuff causing people to not want to take the vaccines, not social media. J&J will need to perform an efficacy study and will likely develop into a 2-shot vaccine to build up adequate antibodies. The fallout from the Paul/Fauci confrontation continues. The corrupt media representing the two corrupt political parties support their tribal leaders. The democrat-leaning cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC proclaim, "Fauci Slams Paul," while the republican-leaning networks such as Fox News decree that Paul eviscerates Fauci. Paul got the better of that argument. Fauci is defensive as if he is hiding something? Fauci receives protection from the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast channels ABC, CBS and NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc...) like President Biden and former President Obama enjoys (the press does not ask tough questions). Lots of Americans watch television daily (broadcast television) giving the democrats an upper hand in influencing the public. On the other hand, Lord Fauci receives denigration from the conservative media (Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, AM talk radio, New York Post, etc...). When in the car listening to talk radio, it is likely you are receiving the republican message. Isn't the crony capitalism system sickening? WHO chief Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tries to make himself relevant every couple weeks, proclaims, "The pandemic is a mess and the world is failing." If the WHO did not lay in bed with communist China, the CCP, in December 2019 and early 2020, performing their bidding, licking the commie's shoes, the pandemic would likely not be a mess. He says the world is in the early stage of another worldwide wave. This is true as illustrated by the world chart above that shows the new wave in progress. Tedros keeps beating the drum that developed nations are not doing enough to vaccinate the world.

Note Added Wednesday Morning, 7/21/21, at 4:00 AM EST: Apple tells employees to wear masks in the stores due to the India variant. Apple delays the plan to have employees return to the office. Las Vegas is requiring masks for employees indoors. The US is going backwards. Liberal New York Mayor de Blasio is mandating that hospital workers get vaccinated or commit (submit would be a better word) to a weekly test. In the future, like the past, guards at checkpoints, perhaps receptionists in hospitals and other buildings, will ask for, "Your papers, please." America is not a free country; it is simply more free than most other nations. De Blasio drops bombshell news whether he realizes it or not proclaiming there are 20 million healthcare workers in the United States and only 50% are vaccinated. What?!  It takes a lot of chutzpah to berate people daily to get vaccinated when one-half the healthcare workers in America have not taken the shot as per the mayor of New York City. The interviewer is quick to paint a rosy picture saying 70% of the New York healthcare workers are vaccinated and de Blasio agrees. Isn't it funny that the Whitehouse blames social media for people not wanting to get vaccinated when all this other stuff, such as real data from a public official, is steering people away. If many US healthcare workers do not want the shot, it should not be jammed down common people's throats. If they become sick and die, that is the circle of life. The CDC says US life expectancy has decreased from 78.8 years to 77.3 years from 2019 to 2020, the lowest since 2003 and sharpest drop since WW II, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Latino's and Blacks are experiencing the biggest drops in life expectancies losing 3 years of projected time. One member of Congress and several congressional staff workers, and now a Biden staffer, are testing positive for COVID-19. All are vaccinated people so the breakthrough cases continue to mount as the CDC and Whitehouse say there is nothing to see here. The efficacy of vaccines is decreasing over time as is expected. Scientists continue assessing information on how a vaccinated person may spread the virus. The viral loads are lower in vaccinated people but how low is low?

Note Added Wednesday Morning, 7/21/21, at 4:30 AM EST: The French are searching for President Macron after 18.2K daily new cases are reported for yesterday a big spike higher the most cases in 2 months. 80% of France cases are the India B1617 variant (delta). Indonesia daily cases are backing off the peak for a few days but the deaths remain elevated. Ditto Malaysia where the daily cases remain stubbornly high. Indonesian President Joko Widodo's popularity is dropping faster than the town drunk on a bicycle. Jokowi (nickname) extends the pandemic restrictions through Sunday, 7/25/21. The Center for Global Development releases a study saying the deaths in India may be well over 3 million and could be 10 times the official number. Worldometer reports India deaths at 419K. The India government says it has never asked any institution to underreport numbers. The pandemic is political not only in the United States but elsewhere around the world. Israeli scientists at Hebrew University have identified three potential drugs as very effective in fighting COVID-19. Since drug trials and other research is ongoing (and they do not want everyone immediately buying-up the drugs), the drug names are kept quiet for now. The UK reports 46.6K daily new cases and elevated number but remaining below the peak a few days ago. The UK data will be key next week because it will show the impact of Monday's reopening. Cases subside in Mexico running at only one-half a few days ago. The spikes in daily new cases and then sudden sharp retreats are a different hallmark of the current world wave. In developed nations, community spread occurs where it is pockets and regions becoming ill, mainly where lots of unvaccinated folks reside. This last vestige for the virus that is being ferreted out may be the COVID-19 swan song.

Note Added Wednesday Morning, 7/21/21, at 5:00 AM EST: Japan daily new cases pull back to 2.2K which is a welcome sight far below the 3.9K cases on Sunday. This is good news so perhaps the non-stop Olympics naysayers can shut their pie holes today. Japan cases in and around the Olympic Village increase to 79 but the numbers are muddied. At first, only the cases directly linked to the Olympic Village were reported but it appears other numbers are now mixed in as well. Politics is at play in Japan with many people opposed to the Olympics. The 79 cases may include people near the Olympic Village so the data set is clouded to the point that it is unusable for analysis. Olympic detractors will keep painting a gloomy picture of the Village which is unfair to the athletes. Hopefully, the day to day rate of change will go to zero. The US gymnastics team, and perhaps the basketball team, are choosing to stay at a Japanese hotel instead of the Olympic Village since they believe they can control the coronavirus situation better. The negative press impacts nation's decisions. Teams staying in hotels may be a blow to the organizer's ego's, and the athletes will miss-out on the camaraderie experience at the Village, but tens of thousands of hotel reservations have been cancelled and the move may help out the local businesses hit by COVID-19.

Note Added Wednesday Morning, 7/21/21, at 5:30 AM EST: Oh no. Darn. The US reports 44.4K daily new cases yesterday the most of the current wave 5 harpooning hopes that the wave would roll over quickly. 256 Americans die yesterday. The highly-populated states push the overall US numbers higher. California reports 5.3K dally new cases the highest since February. Florida remains at over 8K daily new cases per day so one-third of the cases in the United States are in California and Florida. Here comes another harpoon to the gut. Texas reports 4.7K daily new cases the most since March. Adding the Lonestar State into the mix, Texas, California and Florida account for 43% of the cases. No wonder the overall US charts are moving higher. The southern states and Utah show cases continuing to slide off the peak which is a good thing although there are trouble spots. Nevada cases spike over 1K yesterday forcing new mask mandates for employees in Vegas. What goes on in Vegas, Sin City, spreads around Vegas be it a gambling addiction, venereal disease or coronavirus. It is interesting that the vacation spots see the flareups such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Florida California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Cases spike higher in Virginia, Washington state and whoa, a big leap higher in Oregon. It's the ports. The West Coast is slammed with covid. The seven states of Texas, California, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, Washington and Oregon account for about one-half the cases in America right now. You can toss New York into the mix to for eight states as the main culprits. The other 42 states account for the other one-half of current cases. Almost 20%, 1 in 5 cases, are occurring in Florida as Governor DeSantis keeps telling everyone he is great at handling coronavirus. A Jacksonville, Florida, hospital reports the most COVID-19 patients ever.

Note Added Wednesday Morning, 7/21/21, at 11:00 AM EST: The CDC says over 91 million people live in a county with high community transmission. This number makes sense since the analysis above identifies California, Florida and Texas adding significantly to the case count and these are highly-populated states. It is great that the CDC is focusing on the county-by-county level now because the US wave 5 is a community spread event. The direction and guidelines need to be more localized so the shutdowns of local economies and business are kept at a bare minimum. Uncle Gary, a thin outdoorsman living in the back country of New Hampshire, who may or may not be vaccinated, does not need to follow the guidelines that may be required for Celia that deals cards in a Las Vegas casino or Harriet that lives in a crowded tenement in Arkansas where only one-half of the building does not want vaccinated. Assessing regions on a county-by-county basis can pinpoint where help is needed while not penalizing communities that are doing a better job. It is likely best to handle an entire pandemic with instructions based on a county-by-county format and focus since any future pandemic will eventually flitter away into a community transmission that hopefully burns itself out over the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Note Added Wednesday Afternoon, 7/21/21: 44 US border control agents in the Rio Grande Valley test positive for coronavirus. The migrants crossing the southern border are adding to the coronavirus caseload and spread. Alarmingly, there is a +900% increase in positive coronavirus tests in migrants crossing the border in July. More data is needed for this troubling statistic. If 100 migrants tested positive in June, this is 1,000 now. The virus has been moving up though Central America and into Mexico as the chronology has highlighted over the last month. A firewall of vaccinations on each side of the southern border is trying to hold back the pandemic moving northward. There are always dirtbags that come out from under their rocks during natural disasters and pandemics. Like the guy claiming to be a contractor after a hurricane. He collects deposits to do work and then is never seen again. Two nurses are arrested for injecting 800 Ugandans with fake coronavirus vaccines at $54 a pop. Bastards. A doctor is the ring leader and on the run but he will not get far. Human greed is on display daily. Souls are sold for a few dollars. Pfizer partners with Biovac to increase the supply of vaccine manufactured at the Cape Town plant. It is great news for Africa. A couple new plants and more partnerships will be even better since this pandemic is not over, and there will be future pandemics, and the mantra is 'the pandemic is not over until it is over for everyone'. Beefed-up facilities and new plants in Africa will get vaccines into arms faster at a pace with the rest of the world.

Note Added Wednesday Evening, 7/21/21: President Biden joins Don Lemon, the outspoken liberal commentator on CNN cable news, for a townhall interview in Ohio. Biden keeps pumping the "get vaccinated" mantra. He says it is likely kids under 12 years old will be asked to wear masks in school. Several states have passed laws against mandating mask use. Republican Texas Governor Abbott says masks will not be mandated in schools. The Whitehouse is considering asking all Americans, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to wear masks due to the increasing cases from the India B1617 variant (delta). This is going over like a lead balloon. He says, "Misinformation is going to kill people." Sleepy Joe comments on how the republican-leaning Fox News and republican lawmakers are now touting vaccines (the lawyers or polls must have told them to do it) which is a good thing. The republicans have not been anti-vaccine except for a few far-right people; many conservatives simply do not embrace vaccines as enthusiastically as democrats desire, or demand. Biden says, "Children will be able to get the vaccine soon." However, doctors and scientists say trials are ongoing and would be assessed late Fall. Thus, vaccinations for children under 12 years old will likely not be available until December at the soonest and more likely early 2022. 'Soon' means six months in Biden speak. NIH Director Collins appears on MSNBC answering softball questions about the pandemic and repeating the mantra, "Get vaccinated." Hilariously, the interview ends with the host proclaiming that he wants to have Collins back to discuss the Wuhan Lab leak. Why wait? Ask him right now. That is a joke of a statement by the liberal network. MSNBC cheers progressive (liberal; democrat; leftist) politics and supports Biden so that statement ending the interview is simply providing cover for Collins. It makes it sound like Collins has been freely discussing the Wuhan Lab leak and is open about discussing the topic (not true) when in fact, he, and his partner in crime, Fauci, have been hiding from the lab leak theory. These two controlled the funding where US taxpayer's money went to EcoHealth Alliance, a middle-man outfit ran by the WHO guy, Peter Daszak. The funds were then distributed to Wuhan Laboratories for various research projects and an investigation is needed to find out where that money went. China refuses to cooperate on any investigations and turns belligerent on the origin of coronavirus issue. The WHO calls for a second investigation, to try and save face after their first sham inquiry, and says, "Open and transparent data is needed from China." The CCP expects the WHO to keep lying in bed with them so they slap back hard; like a woman scorned. The Chinese communists reject a second phase study and are sticking to the nonsensical story, that has no proof, that the virus went from bat to human at an animal market (bats that are located hours away from the market). The filthy CCP says, "WHO's plan does not respect common sense." Shut up, commie. The outbreak in Wuhan, China, started a football field away from the Wuhan Laboratories, where bat viruses are manipulated and studied, and China is telling everyone it is not common sense that the virus leaked from the lab right where the pandemic started. China is asking if you believe them or your lying eyes? Further, there were illnesses appearing in China in the summer of 2019 that the dirtbag CCP refuses to discuss or provide lab results. A filthy communist never tells the truth. Collins and Fauci are up to their necks in the Wuhan Lab leak controversy and the funding of gain of function research where they may have went against US law controlling virus research. The liberal press (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC) protect the democrats. Collins and Fauci are nestled in the warm and cozy liberal media bosom only occasionally lifting their heads to see which way the political winds are blowing. Reference Keystone's article, "America's Media Bias and Fake News Explained Ahead of the 2020 United States Presidential Election" if you want to understand what US media outlets and groups of people are in which corrupt political camp. Non-biased new does not exist in America except here of course since Keystone does not like any politician. Every news story you read or hear is biased to either the republican tribe or the democrat tribe. Make sure you know the source of the information so you know how to process it in your mind. Young folks are smart registering to vote as independents in huge numbers shunning both political parties. America is starting to understand the corrupt crony capitalism system that is in its last throes.

Note Added Thursday Morning, 7/22/21, at 5:00 AM EST: Senator Rand Paul sends a letter to the DOJ requesting an investigation into Dr Fauci concerning the gain of function research testimony. West Virginia says masks will not be mandatory for kids returning to school. Fauci says Americans should consider wearing a mask even if vaccinated. No one listens to Lord Fauci, the Masked-Man, anymore. At the start of the pandemic, he told everyone masks do not help, until the television showed healthcare workers in hazmat suits handling patients, then it was mask, then two masks, back to one mask, then a mask if unvaccinated but no mask if vaccinated, and now, what is it? No one knows anymore, or cares. You do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around, that's what it's all about.

Note Added Thursday Morning, 7/22/21, at 6:00 AM EST: France is in trouble with 21.5K daily new cases yesterday the highest of the current wave. The Eiffel Tower has reopened to coronavirus. Italy is officially punched in the face by covid with 4.3K daily new cases yesterday the most of the current wave. Italy needs to take action perhaps following the lead of Portugal, Spain and Greece since they are vacation destinations as well. All those tourists, covered with oil. Oh no. Portugal daily cases spike to 4.4K when it looked like the worst was over. It's not. 13 Portuguese die the most since March. The UK cases are at 44K, elevated, but remaining off the peak at 54.2K last Saturday. If Boris can get into the weekend with cases remaining below 50K, the future for England will appear brighter. UK deaths are bumping higher towards 100 per day. The behavior of several European waves is a sharp vertical spike than retreat. These current waves are different than prior waves. Darn. Mexico is getting whacked. No wonder the migrants crossing the southern border are testing positive at an accelerated, even exponential, rate. Mexico reports nearly 14K daily new cases the most since late January. It is not good. 341 Mexicans die matching the deaths on 6/24/21 and going back to March. The Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California data (US/Mexico border states) will be interesting. Thailand is now the epicenter of covid Hell with cases spiking to 13K the most ever. Deaths are elevated likely due to lack of oxygen. Thailand says its economy is suffering due to the current outbreak. Of course it is. The wealthy and horny silver-haired American men cancel their plans to visit Phuket for two weeks of pleasures.

Note Added Thursday Morning, 7/22/21, at 7:00 AM EST: The US reports 56.5K daily new cases which is a stick to the eye; the most cases since April. It is sad to see the US going the wrong way. 416 Americans die the deadliest day since mid-June. It is understandable why the Whitehouse and CDC are redoubling efforts to get people vaccinated. Things are not looking good but as mentioned several times, wave 4 looked dire, right when it rolled over and died. Hopefully, the infections running through communities will burn itself out. The 56.5K cases is a disappointing number and hints of trouble ahead. California reports 6.5K daily new cases the highest of the current wave. Texas is 4.8K cases off the top the prior day at 5.2K cases so that is a glimmer of hope. Florida cases pop to 9K per day as Governor DeSantis is yucking it up with conservative Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity during a town hall style event. Note how democrat Biden covers himself with the warm liberal blanket at CNN (Don Lemon) and MSNBC while republican DeSantis seeks the conservative kiss from Fox News (Sean Hannity) and Newsmax. New York reports 1.7K daily new cases the highest for the current wave which is bad news. We already have California, Texas and Florida circling the toilet bowl and now New York wants flushed, too. Wow. Missouri reports 3K cases the most of the current wave after several days of retreating numbers. COVID-19 is a sticky booger on your finger that will not flick-off. Oh my. Louisiana cases rocket launch to 5.4K only surpassed by one day; 1/5/21. Louisiana is the third least-vaccinated state. The southern states take a turn for the worse trampling the optimism at the start of the week. Utah reports another higher high in cases. Nevada remains bad. Cases spike in New Mexico due to the migrants. Arizona hangs in there, for now. Alaska is in a parabolic wave higher. Cases rise in South Carolina. The news is not good.

Note Added Thursday Afternoon, 7/22/21, at 1:00 PM EST: The Whitehouse COVID-19 task force provides an update. Fauci, Murthy, Walensky and Zients run the show. Fauci is attracted to cameras like a moth to a stage light. The four provide a full court press on the doom and gloom that unvaccinated people face if they do not roll up their sleeves. Murthy continues the vaccination hyping proclaiming, "Every death right now is preventable." He has a point but the CDC says it is not collecting information about vaccinated people that contract the virus. Thus, if you say 95% of the people in the hospital are unvaccinated, but in reality the vaccinated people are ignored or not counted, the 95% number loses its punch and may be 10% or 20% lower, or more. The public does not have access to this data. The previously mentioned Massachusetts data provides great insight into breakthrough cases and more in line with what would be expected at hospitals (far more breakthrough cases are likely occurring than reported on television or the internet). Another legitimate question is how much virus is being spread by vaccinated people but the CDC needs to collect the data. There may be far more virus spread due to vaccinated people unknowingly carrying it around than anyone expects. The CDC should inform the public about how many of the current hospitalizations and deaths are overweight and obese people. Are the children in the hospital chubby kids? Fat teens? Overweight adults? Inquiring minds want to know. The CDC web site previously showed that 80% of the deaths were overweight and obese people. If this is still occurring, for gosh sakes, tell those people so they can weigh, pun intended, their risks properly. Some that are unvaccinated could be convinced to take the shot when they realize their weight will kill them. The previously mentioned BMI calculator may be used as a tool to convince people to get vaccinated. People believe their own physical numbers (BMI), albeit unhappily, which cracks the door open for the medical person to make the vaccination sales pitch. As a side note, anyone overweight will scream from the rooftops that the BMI calculators are not true but when you exercise, and eat right, and your body comes in line, you realize those BMI calculators are dead-on. The longest journey (to a lower weight) always begins with the first step. The Whitehouse and CDC continue deliberating about guidance that would require masking for everyone regardless of vaccination status. You can hear the groans. It is difficult to backtrack once guidelines are relaxed; people will say 'to Hell with it all'. The main incentive for getting the shot was that you could ditch the mask so the CDC will probably not backpedal. Masking rules are probably best left as is since people are confused enough. Schools and parents should reconsider masking of children. Those little rug rats need to see your lips and facial expressions so they can repeat those moves and learn properly. The Whitehouse provides $100 million in funding for vaccine outreach for rural hospitals and health clinics. Biden keeps trying to get shots in arms to his credit; he is persistent. Walensky dives into the murky mask waters decreeing, "Vaccinated individuals can choose to wear masks." You can hear more groans. People do not want mask mandates reimposed. Fauci says, "I don't see a lockdown in the future." Zients says three states, Florida, Missouri and Texas, account for 40% of the new cases. Zients proclaims, "The COVID-19 vaccinations prevent serious illness." Everyone has heard these talking points about the vaccines umpteenth times over the last eight months. The vaccinated people are becoming more irate and ignorant towards unvaccinated people each day. Perhaps they should look at themselves, and their lives, in the mirror. As dear old Mom would say, when you point your finger at someone, do not forget that three fingers are pointing back at you.

Note Added Thursday Afternoon, 7/22/21, at 2:00 PM EST: The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is taking a backseat during coronavirus. GOP (Grand Ole Party; republicans; conservatives) politicians are hounded by liberal networks that want to know vaccination status. A couple republicans say it is "none of your business" which is an acceptable answer to anyone stickling their nose in your business. However, they are public figures and responsible for public safety. This could be an election issue where candidates may disclose vaccination status along with their tax records; if that is the decree in that state or locality. The vaccine shaming and negativity directed at people choosing not to take the shot will hurt the country more than coronavirus going forward. In Alabama, the vaccine hype may have just went off the rails. Hospitalist, whatever that is (a physician dedicated to hospitalized patients), Dr Brytney Cobia, paints a gloomy picture of teens clinging to life in the hospital and as they are about to be intubated, they plead for the vaccine. Alas, she tells them it is too late for the vaccine; now you need a breathing tube and may never see your parents again. Some die and their last death bed wish is to tell everyone to get vaccinated. Oh the humanity! The melodrama is getting a bit thick. Data crunchers say the numbers may not exactly match the claims. Cobia comments on young children not yet able to be vaccinated proclaiming, "So it feels like impending doom." CDC Director Walensky used the impending doom phrase when it looked like wave 4 was going to go vertical in April but that was exactly when it rolled over and the downtrend in cases resumed. Perhaps Cobia is simply embellishing a bit; her intentions are noble. Everyone understands how serious the illness is especially to overweight people. The melodrama is not helpful. The stage lost a great actor when Cobia chose medicine as her profession. A different Alabama Brittany soothes the sick coronavirus souls in a different way telling them to "Hold On."

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 3:00 AM EST: Another Israeli study is sure to generate controversy in the States today. The Israeli health ministry says the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is only 39% effective at preventing coronavirus infections. That's a bummer. The good news is that the shot provides nearly 90% protection against hospitalization and over 91% protection against severe illness. If vaccinated people can become infected at a far greater number than anyone thinks, and they are likely asymptomatic, can they be spreading the virus? Yes. The unvaccinated people are blamed for everything these days, even the rain yesterday, but perhaps the vaccinated folks should take more responsibility for also spreading virus. Medical professionals immediately tamp down any concern about vaccinated folks transmitting coronavirus saying it is possible but only at a very low rate. They do not know. The vaccinated people spreading virus is likely occurring at a far greater rate than currently understood by doctors and scientists. No wonder the CDC is considering going back to universal mask use as the Delta variant bites. Other studies, one from the UK, another from the US, report far better percentages at fighting off infection. The New England Journal reports over 88% effectiveness at preventing symptomatic disease in both the India B1617 variant (delta) and the UK B117 variant (alpha). The study says the AstraZeneca shots are 67% effective against the Delta variant. The numbers are all over the map so only time and more data will sort things out. Israel says the only way to beat back the Delta variant is to get vaccinated.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 3:30 AM EST: The world reports 568K daily new cases the highest of the current wave 5 and most since May. Worldwide deaths are creeping higher with 8.9K souls meeting The Maker yesterday. France reports nearly 22K daily new cases another high for the current wave that goes parabolic. Italy reports over 5K daily new cases as the new wave begins going parabolic. As the pandemic takes off into a new wave for the boot-shaped nation, Italy approves a 'green pass' for vaccinated people to attend bars, restaurants and events. "Your papers, please." Israel provides a 'green pass' to the vaccinated and says anyone able to get the shot, but refusing, will be responsible for the costs of coronavirus testing. Germany's daily new cases sneak slowly higher and will likely worsen in the coming days. The UK reports 44K daily new cases remaining elevated but coming off the top. The UK 7-day MA trend line for daily new cases rolls over from 47K cases to 46K cases which is great news. It verifies the peak in daily new cases. The UK has to keep doing what it is doing and the wave should resolve itself going forward (active cases should peak by mid-August). Over 1.4K Indonesians die yesterday the deadliest day ever. Indonesia tightens its borders but the virus is already running rampant. Buildings and workable facilities are being commandeered by the Indonesian government and turned into makeshift hospitals. The misery is hopefully peaking in Southeast Asia. Malaysia reports its deadliest day ever as Wednesday. Thailand reports 13.7K daily new infections the highest ever. 319 die in Myanmar yesterday the deadliest day ever. These deaths are underreported as Myanmar reports low supplies of oxygen and the military coup continues. Vietnam reports record new cases and deaths. Nike and Adidas tennis shoes will experience supply issues as the factories are operating only at partial capacity due to the outbreak. Japan crosses the 15K deaths grim milestone as the Olympics opening ceremony is only hours away. Japan daily new cases pop to 4.9K the highest of the current wave. The timing is bad luck for Japan. ABC reports that 91 people have tested positive for covid that are in the Tokyo Olympics bubble; 10 are athletes. This morning the number bumps above 100 for the total people inside the bubble. South Korea is a mess reporting 1.8K daily new cases the most ever. The government is thinking about new lockdown restrictions for Seoul. Problems continue in Sydney, Australia, and New Zealand shuts off travel between the two nations that had a special agreement. Mexico reports 15.2K daily new cases the highest for the current wave and most infections since January. The virus wave moving up from Central America and through Mexico is at the US southern border.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 4:00 AM EST: The US reports 62K daily new cases the most in 3 months. Not good. Florida reports a huge jump of 12.6K daily new cases the most since January. The chart goes exponential. Governor DeSantis is delusional calling the current outbreak in Florida a "seasonal illness." Texas cases jump to 6.3K the most of the new wave now going parabolic. The infection wave from Central America was not stopped. Texas is screwed. California and New Mexico cases rise. Oregon and Washington state cases jump higher. COVID-19 is attacking the US from both the southern border and up and down the West Coast. The dock cities are always trouble zones. Oh no. Mississippi reports 1.2K daily new cases the most since early February and the chart goes parabolic. Mississippi is facing a month of serious covid misery ahead. Cases are rising everywhere in the US with the picture turning ugly. The worst-case scenario is playing out for America this week. Wave 5 does not want to 'go gentle into that good night' as poet Dylan Thomas wrote. The NFL (national Football League) cautions teams that COVID-19 outbreaks can result in forfeiture of games during the Fall season. Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton says he will not play at venues requiring vaccines. He is not anti-vaccine. Clapton simply wants concerts to remain open to all. When he played Layla a few decades ago, it was remarkable; the first time that anyone ever heard a guitar cry (second half of song). The Lollapalooza Festival is 7/29/21 through 8/1/21 a music extravaganza of young people which may be the superspreader of all superspreader's. The concert requires a full vaccination or negative covid test but they are dealing with young partiers on booze and drugs where breaking the rules is part of the rebel fun, as Bowie would sing.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 5:00 AM EST: The vaccinated people in America continue the daily berating, besmirching, denigrating and abuse of unvaccinated folks. "Animal Farm" is playing out in real-time. The splitting and separation of the two group's solidifies as the US wave 5 takes a stronghold. The vaccinated blame the unvaccinated for the acceleration in new cases but there is no data on the transmission that is occurring via unmasked vaccinated people that are circulating and comingling in large numbers since May. Medical folks do not want to discuss breakthrough transmissions and only want to focus on telling people to get vaccinated, for the umpteenth and a half time, which is fine; they view that as their job, but people are not listening anymore. Nurse compassion is challenged because some (the vaccinated ones) believe the unvaccinated people should have got the shot and not be in the hospital. The CDC COVID Data Tracker shows the US vaccination rate continuing lower.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 6:30 AM EST: The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony begins. The stadium holds 68K people but spectators are not allowed to attend due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 950 VIP's (very important person; dignitary) are attending including First Lady Jill Biden. 18K athletes and officials are within the Olympic bubble over the next couple weeks. Looking on the bright side, about 100 have tested positive over the last week with about 20 athletes sent home. If this is as bad as it gets, the Olympics will be a huge success.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 8:00 AM EST: The COVID-19 misinformation game continues. President Biden, CDC and talking heads on the liberal-leaning networks, sing from the same hymn sheet that republican news outlets, such as Fox News and AM talk radio, are deterring people from getting vaccinated because of anti-vaccine rhetoric. In fairness, the republican-leaning media has an indifferent stance towards vaccines, not cheerleading the shots but also, for the most part, not telling people to not get the vaccine. The republican outlets have stated stronger support for vaccines over the last few days so the Whitehouse must be making phone calls to media leaders. Biden says they (Fox News) received "an altar call." However, the vaccine and medical information flows both ways. An idiot doctor on cable news says there are only 5K breakthrough cases in the US. The CDC's own information, which is at her fingertips, is over 10K cases (and these numbers are likely grossly underestimated). Misinformation. The doc is asked about the education and emotional impact of masks on kids and teachers that cannot see facial movements and expressions. She is not a psychiatrist or psychologist and yet proclaims that masks will have no impact on child development. This is misinformation. To top things off, the dolt doctor asks, "How would you live with yourself" if your child got sick and died because they were not vaccinated? Placing a guilt trip on people will only p*ss them off. The misinformation game will be interesting to watch because the only one that benefits is the one that decides what is misinformation. Minnesota democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar wants to be Big Brother, er Big Sister, and decide what is misinformation. She sponsors the Health Misinformation Act. Klobuchar used to be a moderate voice in the democrat party, she ran for the presidential nomination but lost to Biden, but her politics now turn sharply progressive. Klobuchar's bill would form the 'Ministry of Truth' a la "1984." America becomes sicker by the day, in more ways than one. The cable news channels run stories about unvaccinated people that contracted COVID-19 and almost died. These people now cheerlead vaccinations; this is why they are on television. Watch those news stories. Do you see the one obvious common thread that links them all? Yes, they are all fatty's. Obesity is the 900-pound gorilla sitting on the living room sofa that no one wants to talk about. If you are overweight, or obese (check your BMI), you may have a date with a breathing tube in your future.

Note Added Friday Morning, 7/23/21, at 11:00 AM EST: Fire and brimstone. Alabama republican Governor Kay Ivey appears on CNN cable news pointing a finger at the dirty, uncooperative, unwashed, unpatriotic, unvaccinated folks. They have bad breath, too. Ivey proclaims, "These (unvaccinated) folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain." A reporter asks, "What is it going to take to get shots in arms?" Red-faced Ivey unloads with both barrels, "I don't know! You tell me! Folks are supposed to have common sense! But it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks not the regular folks, it's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down!" Ivey must be listening to Margo Price singing "Letting Me Down." America's unvaccinated are the lepers of the modern age. Ivey talks a good game but her own employees are not vaccinated and Alabama does not have a statewide mask mandate in place. As Billy said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players (two-bit actors).

Note Added Friday Afternoon, 7/23/21, at 1:00 PM EST: The Los Angeles County health director says about 20% of the cases in the hospital are breakthrough cases. It is obvious the CDC and US government is providing misinformation to Americans saying 95% or more of the people in the hospitals are unvaccinated. It is because they are not counting the vaccinated, as funny as that is. It is a throwback to the Trump days when King Donnie did not want testing to be performed because then there would not be as many cases. Adopting the 20% number across all US hospitals provides a more realistic number that probably about 80% of the folks in the hospital are unvaccinated and about 20% are vaccinated with breakthrough cases. A month ago, the Cleveland Clinic released a paper that says if someone has contracted coronavirus, and has natural antibodies, there is no benefit to being vaccinated for this group. The natural antibodies will protect the person and this is the stance taken by Kentucky republican Senator Rand Paul who is a doctor and had COVID-19 (and spars with Fauci). The paper is currently  not peer-reviewed but the Cleveland Clinic's reputation speaks for itself. The report encourages prioritizing more vaccinations in the US for the people that have not had coronavirus, and vaccine that was allotted for folks that already have natural antibodies could then be sent to the undeveloped nations in desperate need for shots in arms. It is an intelligent idea.

Note Added Friday Afternoon, 7/23/21, at 4:00 PM EST: An AP-NORC poll hits the wires saying that 45% of the unvaccinated folks definitely do not want the shots. 35% say they probably will not want vaccinated, 16% say they probably will take the shots and 3% say they definitely will get the shot (probably the folks watching a loved one die in the hospital; it is a slow suffocation). Thus, 20% will likely get the shot from the current unvaccinated group. Biden should be happy with that. If about 20% of Americans overall fall into the group of not wanting vaccinated and about 20% of them will take the shot after all, that will leave about 16% of America unvaccinated when it is all said and done in a month or two. About 57% of Americans are vaccinated with at least one dose. 15% to 30% of Americans have had COVID-19; many asymptomatic. Thus, the US is at about a 72% to 87% herd immunity level combining the two antibody protection paths. If the India variant (delta) was not in play, the US would likely be singing a happy tune on the way to the beach. The rise in cases, however, despite the 72% to 87% herd immunity level in play, verifies the severe contagiousness of the India variant. In addition, the US daily new cases chart displays a sharp rise in cases which also verifies the virulence of the Delta variant (the wave 5 slope higher of new cases is steeper than the wave 4 slope).

Note Added Friday Afternoon, 7/23/21, at 5:00 PM EST: Pittsburgh area hospitals report a 60% to 70% vaccination rate among employees. The people doing the vaccine shaming and blaming should ask themselves if they should be badgering the unvaccinated public or the unvaccinated healthcare workers? Maybe people do not want vaccinated because 30% to 40% of the healthcare workers are not wanting the shots. It is going to be a huge day in the pandemic's history when the "official" vaccine approval is received from the FDA. When that occurs, the military, universities, schools and businesses will tell the troops, employees and students to get down on their knees, and roll up their sleeves. The pundits will be dancing jigs of joy on television since folks will have difficulty in refusing a shot that is officially approved. CNN and MSNBC will display party streamers and balloons. Commentators and hosts will hold hands and sway as they sing, "We Are the World." It will be groovy. Wolf Blitzer will throw confetti. Sleepy Joe Biden will wake up, ask for pudding, and proclaim that the vaccination program is back on track. It will be a wild day when the official vaccine approval is received. The vaccinated folks are waiting with bated breath for the FDA to bring the official tablets down from on high. President Biden buys 200 million more doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech but nothing to see here folks, move along, move along; you do not need booster shots (nudge, nudge, wink , wink, know what I mean?, know what I mean?). Jedi mind trick; "You do not need boosters.".

Note Added Friday Evening, 7/23/21: Unvaccinated conservative talk show host Phil Valentine, that no one has ever heard of unless you live in Tennessee, is in the hospital with COVID-19 fighting for his life. From his sick bed, he regrets not pushing vaccines more and says he was never an anti-vaxxer. Summer Camp Pontiac in New York sickens 31 kids. About 550 children of all ages attend the camp. All 31 are under 12 years old (conveniently making the case to vaccinate younger children). 80 kids got sick at an Illinois camp recently and another 125 young adults and teenagers at a Texas camp previously mentioned in the chronology. All these children have one thing in common. *ssholes for parents. What parent sends their child off to a summer camp to get infected with coronavirus in the middle of a once in a century pandemic? Perhaps a parent more concerned about their own narcissistic needs? Fauci says colleges, universities and businesses may mandate vaccines. He says every death is tragic and avoidable. The Guardian reports on a UK study that says a 10 week period between vaccine shots is better than a 3 or 4 week period. The scare tactics continue in the US to encourage people to get vaccinated. The latest is pundits espousing the talking point that the viral load for the Delta variant is a thousand times more than regular COVID-19 (1,000 times as many coronavirus particles are expelled when breathing). The number 1,000 frightens some people into thinking the virus is 1,000 times more powerful which is not true. Misinformation. The ends justify the means, according to the people at the top, since the statement may influence people to get the shot.

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 4:00 AM EST: The US reports 67.5K daily new cases the highest of wave 5. The Friday data is typically the highest but it is disappointing that a lower number did not occur. No doubt that America is dealing with a serious wave 5 outbreak. 428 Americans die yesterday the 7-day MA trend line curling higher. Texas reports over 7K daily new cases with the infections from Mexico increasing substantially. The Texas daily cases chart is going parabolic. Mississippi reports 1.3K daily new cases the highest of the current parabolic wave. Ditto California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Arkansas. Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Alabama, the least-vaccinated state, remain challenged. It's a mess. California crosses the 3.9 million total cases milestone a US state with more cases than most nations on earth. New York cases ramp higher beginning a new wave. A massive heat wave is sweeping over the United States and will intensify in the coming days through next week. The south is hit hard with the hot, humid heat and folks in states such as Mississippi and Alabama will be running inside to the cool, dry air conditioning. Unfortunately, people in closer quarters breathing the same air will spread COVID-19. Florida Governor DeSantis, the Trump Mini-Me, is under increasing pressure to soften his hardline stance against implementing lockdowns or mandating masks but he is not budging. Florida reports 13.3K daily new cases the highest of the current wave. 148 Floridians die yesterday a huge spike higher. People dying tends to get a lot of attention.

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 5:00 AM EST: Aussies are protesting in the streets of Sydney and elsewhere against the lockdowns. Police and demonstrators scuffle resulting in bloody noses and a few dozen arrests. Australia reports 157 and 156 daily new cases for the last 2 days, respectively, the highest of the current wave and most since September. Australia was a shining example of how to handle the pandemic last year, but, like South Korea and Japan, the nations are struggling mightily at containing the virus over the last couple months. South Korea reports over 1.8K daily new cases on Thursday the highest ever. Deaths remain subdued compared to prior waves. The Olympics are set for the first full day of competition. Perhaps naysayers will finally shut their mouths and let athletes compete. There are 127 COVID-19 cases associated with the Olympic Village with the hopes of 22 athletes crushed into dust. The Games are underway so hopefully the case numbers will remain relatively low. Japan reports 5.4K daily new cases for yesterday the most of the current wave a kick in the teeth. Tokyo cases remain elevated. Protesters say the Olympics will be a superspreader event but there are lots of safety measures in play. Indonesia and Malaysia remain the epicenter of the Southeast Asia troubles. Philippines better keep its guard up because daily cases are sneaking higher. It will be tragic if the Philippines takes a turn for the worse infected by its neighbors. Singapore says 75% of the infections are vaccinated people. They are not seriously ill but 75% of the cases are breakthroughs which is concerning. Singapore uses China's Sinovac vaccine, which is proven to be not as effective as other vaccines, and the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. It is important to know which vaccine the 75% breakthrough cases received. Venture a guess which vaccine is probably most prevalent in the breakthrough cases? Thailand reports 14.6K daily new cases another record day. Thailand needs oxygen. Vietnam reports another day of record cases as Nike and Adidas worry about the production at their shoe factories. 326 die in Myanmar the deadliest day ever. The Ruskies continue dropping like flies with deaths remaining elevated at the deadliest days ever for the last 2 weeks and total deaths crossing the 153K grim milestone. Dirtbag Dictator Putin remains hidden in his bubble as his citizens die around him. Cuba continues reporting record daily new cases and crosses the 2.2K deaths grim milestone. Terrible news from Mexico as it reports 16.2K daily cases another record high for the current wave. The United States has a serious COVID-19 problem at its southern border. 419 Mexicans die the most since March. Texas, USA, has to be monitored closely.

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 6:00 AM EST: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pummeled by his detractors saying the removal of coronavirus restrictions on 7/19/21, Freedom Day, is irresponsible. UK cases peaked on 7/17/21 and remain below ever since; one week running. The UK active cases continue rising (so hospitalizations will continue rising) and the Keystone Model targets 8/14/21, or sooner, when the active cases curve will flatten and roll over lower. The big test for the UK is the week ahead since the COVID-19 incubation period is 7 to 10 days. This targets 7/26/21 through 7/29/21 as the window to see a jump in daily new cases based on Freedom Day. Let's hope not. 8 days is a sweet spot which is 7/27/21 so pay close attention to the infections on that day. If Boris makes it to next Friday without cases moving higher, he will be dancing in the streets as his isolation period ends. If not, the crowd will grow ugly. The UK, US, Japan, and several other nations, identify a new variant dubbed UK B1621. The idiots at the WHO assign the Greek names to the viruses and variants but this does not kick in until the new strain is called a "variant of concern." England's health ministry already calls the UK B1621 mutation a variant of concern. Remember, the chronology is written for a wide international audience so the medical terms are greatly simplified. If you are an epidemiologist or virologist, go read your textbooks and white papers for the detailed scientific information. Italy reports 5.1K daily new cases another record day for this new wave. Germany crosses the 92K deaths grim milestone and reports 1.9K daily new cases the highest of the new wave starting.

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 8:00 AM EST: The belittling and badgering of unvaccinated folks by the vaccinated people continues. Of course, this is in the context of broad generalities since the majority of Americans are normal human beings and if vaccinated, they tell others it is your choice whether you want the shot or not and to do what is best for your situation, and unvaccinated people congratulate the people that got the shot and for making that choice. The Gestapo tactics of shining lightbulbs in people's faces and beating them with rubber hoses until they kneel and submit to a vaccine is an unwise path to follow and not healthy for the country. MSNBC media's (left-leaning) Ali Velshi proclaims, "No one vaccinated for covid is in the hospital with a covid illness." Misinformation. It is simply not true. Massachusetts and LA County data alone show numerous people in the hospital that are vaccinated. If vaccinated, the symptoms are mild in most cases and as the medical pundits say, and the data supports, the vaccines protect against severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths, but it is not full proof and proclaiming that no one is in the hospital that is vaccinated is stupid and incorrect.

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 10:00 AM EST: The breakthrough cases are receiving far more attention in recent days, as they should. The CDC is not collecting data on the vaccinated people showing up at hospitals this is why you hear the numbers such as '99% of the folks in the hospital are unvaccinated' (read the shaded block). Now there is a shift by the pundits where they are counting people with one vaccine shot as unvaccinated when they show up at the hospital. Isn't one shot supposed to provide at least some amount of protection? If so, why is it counted in the hospital statistics as unvaccinated? The country and world is a dishonest place, and, humorously, the powers to be want to be the great arbiters of misinformation as the 'Ministry of Truth' is formed in America. The waiting period between shots is 3 to 4 weeks (recent studies are indicating that 10 weeks is best) and a person is not fully vaccinated and protected until 2 weeks after the second shot. 4 plus 2 is 6 weeks. With the Delta variant now coursing through America's southern veins, anyone vaccinated would not be protected for 6 weeks (early September). The fear-mongering by the media will coax some people into getting vaccinated but even if they do it will likely have no impact on the current wave 5 which will probably be rolling over by then and on the downside anyway. The US wave 4 was snuffed-out quickly as herd immunity started to kick-in for the United States but the India B1617 variant (delta) is causing more mischief. The current US wave 5 is going parabolic (vertical) which is never a good sign; it always indicates that the nation, or individual US state, is falling down the COVID-19 rabbit hole descending into covid Hell. The unvaccinated are blamed for all the ills of the country right now which is unfair. There are breakthrough cases occurring that the CDC and other officials are sweeping under the Whitehouse rug. The unvaccinated are blamed for getting vaccinated people sick. Think about it. The mask mandate was lifted in May. The vaccinated people immediately ripped-off their masks and comingled, partied, returned to the office, and went on about life as if it was pre-pandemic. Many of the unvaccinated people live in remote rural settings and simply do not have the daily, even hourly contact with humans that others do. Some folks only go into town for supplies once per week and return back home; they are content with not being vaccinated and are not significantly adding to the virus spread. The vaccinated people, that are out and about for over 2 months throwing all caution to the wind, are spreading virus among themselves and getting unvaccinated people sick. Of course it is likely in far smaller numbers than the spread between the unvaccinated, but nonetheless it is occurring, and the media completely ignores it. Perhaps the government is telling them to ignore it? The examples above and below explain why many Americans do not trust the government; it is because some of what you are told is bull sh*t. In crony America, the news is intended to fulfill a political narrative. When republican Trump was in power, Fox News, Newsmax and AM talk radio provided the cheerleading and daily narrative for the idiot American's to follow and now that democrat Biden is in power, CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast channels ABC, CBS and NBC, and NPR and PBS, provide the non-stop cheerleading and coronavirus narrative for the dolt public. Isn't crony capitalism sickening?

Note Added Saturday Morning, 7/24/21, at 11:00 AM EST: The CDC and Whitehouse needs to look on the bright side of life, as Monty Python describes, when considering the remaining Americans that are not going to take the vaccine. When they become sick, and if they do not die, they will have natural antibodies that brings the USA to herd immunity. Speaking of herd immunity, the misinformation continues. CNN cable news television shows a graphic proclaiming that 70 to 85% of the country needs vaccinated to reach herd immunity. Wrong. Comically, they show this misinformation visual for months. Don't they listen to their head cheerleader, Dr Fauci, that has said for a year that herd immunity will be reached when 70 to 85% of the population is either vaccinated or has natural immunity (due to contracting COVID-19)? If you recall about a year ago, Fauci flip-flopped around the herd immunity percentages, and received criticism, and then he settled on the 70 to 85% range with a combination of the vaccinations and natural antibodies. This was gospel until President Biden threw a wrench (spanner) into the works. Sleepy Joe started the big vaccination push about 3 months ago and immediately muddied the herd immunity waters. Biden conveniently proclaimed that 70% to 85% of Americans need vaccinated to reach herd immunity (in disagreement with what Lord Fauci was decreeing for many months). Biden was called on it by several journalists and he backpedaled the next day watering down the statement no longer claiming that only vaccinations would get there. That is because Biden knew it was not true. Biden was touting the percentage as a narrative to encourage people to get vaccinated; it is a higher goal (in powerful people's minds, they always believe they know what is best for the uneducated and unwashed huddled masses and lies are considered acceptable when, in their minds, the ends justify the means). The herd immunity level of 70% to 85% is back to being gospel which is the combination of antibodies from the vaccines and from people that already contracted covid. Now the message is confused again. CNN is touting that 70% to 85% of Americans need vaccinated for herd immunity so it is back to the untruths. Are you starting to understand why people do not want vaccinated? They understand the daily government bull sh*t and want no part of it. This is why people mistrust government; there are dishonest people in charge (republicans and democrats). 49% of the US is full-vaccinated and 57% have at least one dose so by, say, mid-August, the 57% will be fully vaccinated. The CDC says there may be 100 million or more Americans that have contracted coronavirus (and have natural immunity). The Worldometer count is at 35.1 million infected Americans which is 11% of the population (35.1/330) and it is guaranteed to be higher due to the mountains of asymptomatic cases in America over the last 18 months where folks never sought medical attention. If 100 million people have contracted covid, that is 30% of the nation (100/330). The goal is 70 to 85%, or more, for herd immunity. 57% are vaccinated. 10% to 30% have natural antibodies, maybe more. Thus, 67% to 87% of Americans have antibody protection so we are zeroing in on herd immunity. It is a shame the Delta variant takes hold because the herd immunity had a handle on the original virus as evidenced by wave 4 rolling over. The United States is knocking on the door of herd immunity and official vaccine approval from the FDA would put it over the top since the military, universities, schools and businesses will likely mandate vaccines. If America can weather the wave 5 delta storm, a brighter picture may quickly emerge. In addition, looking on the bright side of life, Mr Brightside, those that contract China Flu and do not die, will have natural antibodies that further contributes to herd immunity and if they beat the Delta variant, their bodies are likely very strong (immunity-wise). On the misinformation front, it is coming from all directions, including the officials in charge that believe their path forward is the most noble and righteous and anyone that disagrees is treasonous and unpatriotic.

Note Added Saturday Afternoon, 7/24/21, at 1:00 PM EST: The Israeli study indicates that the Pfizer vaccine may be losing its effectiveness at 6 to 8 months so those that received a shot back in December through February will likely be lined-up for a booster shot in September or October. The vaccine does continue to protect against severe illness and death. Americans have been doing their homework since some of the people late to the vaccination party are showing-up and asking for the Moderna vaccine. Anecdotally, Keystone asked a half-dozen people in recent days, that just got vaccinated, what shot they took and five of them had Moderna and one Pfizer. This tells you that some of the people that are sitting on the fence, waiting to see how the vaccine program progresses, are now satisfied with what they see and choosing Moderna since it has the least side effects. This is smart people that are making logical decisions and in the polls are the folks that say they will 'probably get the vaccine'. Conversely, the folks that are steadfast from taking the vaccine will never take it and if the US government would ever be so stupid to mandate the vaccines, there would be Hell to pay. The government needs to realize that the fear-mongering only gets you so far and the people scared into taking the shot have likely already done so. Some of the unvaccinated people are less-educated, impoverished and scarred from the government screwing them over the years, so there is a mistrust in place that a vaccine will likely never penetrate.

Note Added Saturday Afternoon, 7/24/21, at 3:00 PM EST: The CDC and Whitehouse continue deliberating on possibly reinstituting masks in America due to the India variant. This is the perfect opportunity for the country to provide mask and vaccination guidelines and directives on a county-by-county basis in America. The southern states are slapped with coronavirus currently so obviously masking may be helpful in the counties of Louisiana but the same edicts for Vermont or New Hampshire are stupid. The CDC has to get away from the national edicts and focus on counties especially in preparation for future pandemics. The people living in counties with higher cases numbers should be instructed to protect themselves and take the outbreak seriously, tell them to mask-up, if that is the desired directive, while people living in other counties in other states can be told to go on about their business. It will be interesting to see if the day is seized by the CDC or if they go the national edict route that will be met with groans of resistance and push-back.

Note Added Saturday Evening, 7/24/21: The DOJ is not pursuing lawmakers in New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania, for their actions early last year that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people in nursing homes. Patients sick with COVID-19 were returned to nursing homes infecting other elderly folks and staff killing thousands. In New York alone, Governor Cuomo's actions resulted in the deaths of from 6,000 to 12,000 people. As it was occurring, Casanova Cuomo was looking at the sweet buttocks of his coworkers and cutting a book deal. Since New York is skewed democrat in the corrupt political offices, Cuomo remains in his job without care or worry. Now the DOJ releases the democrat governors from responsibility. America's royalty lives by a different set of rules than the peasants. Crony capitalism. The DOJ continues investigating two nursing homes in New Jersey.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/25/21, at 6:00 AM EST: The US reports 36.8K daily new cases for Saturday. Last Saturday, 7/17/21, was 41.3K cases so yesterday's number is encouraging despite being elevated. In data analysis, comparing likes for likes is an important technique. It would have been devastating news if the US daily cases were above 42K yesterday. Thankfully, they are not. The 7-day MA trend line is at 49.3K cases continuing higher at a steep trend that verifies the contagiousness of the India B1617 variant (delta). It will be a happy day when the 7-day MA rolls over. 151 Americans die yesterday. California cases pull back strongly to 3.4K cases well off the peak the prior day at a huge 9.5K daily cases but it is the weekend data. California needs to stay below that 9.5K daily cases number in the days ahead. LA County reports over 3K cases the highest since the start of the year. count cases and group together in percent's. Texas cases are also off the top as is other states due to the weekend. Florida, however, is in deep trouble reporting 14.3K daily cases and this is Saturday data! DeSantis, you are out of time buddy. Florida's 7-day MA death trend is rising again to 39 deaths the most in a month. The older folks riding around in golf carts at the senior communities are asking each other who died. Florida and Louisiana are two hot spots. Arkansas worsens reporting 2K cases 2 days running. Alaska is in bad shape but no one pays attentions since they have their own problems. Oh my. Paradise becomes covid Hell. Hawaii case jump to 258 the highest of the current wave and most since January. The fun and games are over in Hawaii. Mississippi remains in the ugly camp. Ditto Nevada, Tennessee, North Carolina. New York cases jump to 2.3K the highest of the current wave as Casanova Cuomo makes more moves on the ladies.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/25/21, at 7:00 AM EST: Russia reports 800 deaths and for 2 weeks, the Ruskies keep dying at the deadliest pace of the entire pandemic. Dictator Putin is in the basement of one of his palaces, that he claims he does not own, hiding behind the gold-plated toilet in the theater room. Things are ugly in France with 25.6K daily new cases the most since April. Where's Macron? Sleeping? His pretty wife is singing "Frere Jacque." Protests and riots increase across Europe. Italy cases rise on Saturday. The UK numbers remain off the peak but the big test is this week. Freedom Day was last Monday so this week will indicate how many Brit's become infected with COVID-19 (7 to 10 day incubation period with 8 days a sweet spot) as a result of the grand reopening. Boris paces the floors in isolation continuing to dab beads of sweat off his forehead with the handkerchief he forgot to return to the Queen. Cases are rising in Turkey so dirtbag Dictator Erdogan will be tested over the next couple months. Kazakhstan reports 6.5K daily new cases the most ever. COVID-19 moves from infected Russia down through Kazakhstan to the China border. Coronavirus wants to return home to its Chinese womb where COVID-19 was likely nefariously spawned.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/25/21, at 8:00 AM EST: The Tokyo Olympics are in progress and people are finally focusing on the athletes instead of the doom and gloom. Japan daily cases decrease off the top which is good news. A couple more athletes test positive, including a Dutch tennis player, losing their hopes for a gold medal. Golfer and Spaniard Jon Rahm tests positive despite being vaccinated. He is out of the Olympics along with USA golfer Bryson DeChambeau that also tests positive. It is sad to see hopes and dreams crushed into dust but such is life. The mask rules at the victory podium are relaxed allowing the medalists to briefly remove masks so a nice photograph can be taken. So far, the Olympics are proceeding well and gaining momentum and popularity in the world's eye.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/25/21, at 10:00 AM EST: St louis, Missouri, USA, is implementing a mask mandate for the city regardless of vaccinations status. Missouri Attorney General Schmidt says he will file a lawsuit to stop the mask mandate proclaiming that St Louis citizens are "free people." A stink develops in New Hampshire at Exeter High School that held the prom last month. Students that were not vaccinated receive a mark on their hand with a black Sharpie. Other restrictions occur at the dance separating prom attendees according to vaccination status. Parents say asking for "your papers, please" is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The wealthy vaccinated Americans are unhappy that the dirty, unwashed, unvaccinated folks will not comply and take the shot. The upper middle class and privileged want to get on with their jet set lives but the unpatriotic unvaccinated are getting in the way of their lifestyle and carefree existence.

Note Added Sunday Morning, 7/25/21, at 11:00 AM EST: Fauci appears on CNN cable news television (liberal-leaning media because he knows he will not get any questions on the Wuhan Lab leak that likely started the pandemic and the funding of gain of function research which was paused by the US government but conducted in the communist labs). Lord Fauci proclaims, "We're going in the wrong direction." He says requiring everyone to use masks again is "under active discussion." Fauci says that the US daily deaths may reach 4K again like last January because only one-half of the country is vaccinated. Mr Sunshine decrees, "It's not going to be good." The 4K daily death number appears delusional but he is the expert. Is it fear-mongering to encourage more vaccinations? Fauci surprisingly says official approval of the vaccines may not occur until the end of winter which is the January/February time frame. Biden just dropped his pudding spoon in the Whitehouse kitchen. The president, and pundits, expect official vaccine approval in August or September which is a big disconnect from Fauci's prediction. Fauci may be attempting to ease the public into not expecting official approval so soon. The official approval will likely develop into another mess; such is the hallmark of the chaotic, confusing and political pandemic. The Biden administration will likely pressure the FDA to fast track the official approval but that will provide ammunition for the people that do not want the vaccine saying the process was rushed and not serious. There is damaging mistrust around the pandemic because the officials in charge at the start, Trump, Fauci and the others, were not honest about masks and the severity of the outbreak. Once trust is lost, think of an old girlfriend or boyfriend that was untruthful, it is never (rarely) regained. Fauci says booster shots may be required for vulnerable folks. Shockers of all shockers, commentator Jake Tapper asks Dr Fauci about the origin of coronavirus and gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab. Hold on. Keystone has a case of the vapors. Where's the heart pills? It is amazing that Fauci is asked a question about the Wuhan Lab on a liberal-leaning network. Right away, one must be skeptical because it may be a set-up and made-for-tv theater show. Fauci says the research performed on bat viruses was published data and is a peer-reviewed proposal of why research should be performed. He tries to state the case that he "would be negligent" if he did not provide funding for this research since these viruses pose a threat. Comically, Fauci decrees that if he did not provide funding to the commie labs, via the EcoHealth third party passthrough, it would have been negligent. Nope, Tony. It would be negligent if you provided money for gain of function research at the commie labs when gain of function was placed on hold by the US government and it was unlawful to perform such research. Fauci promises to "be very careful" moving forward with future research. He claims that research should be done in China because that is where the virus started. Fauci does not provide any clarity on the Wuhan Lab leak theory or on the funding of gain of function research. Investigations are needed. CNN provides cover for Fauci so in the future he can proclaim that he has answered millions of questions about the lab leak and gain of function research. This is how political games are played in the crony capitalism system.

Note Added Sunday Afternoon, 7/25/21: Fox News anchor Arthel Neville reads the teleprompter saying 437K Americans died on Trump's watch. Wrong. Misinformation. On Biden's inauguration day, 1/20/21, the last day of Trump's term, 400K Americans were dead. It is a nice easy round number to remember. Worldometer has the current US death toll at 627K so 400K Americans died on King Donnie's watch and 227K have died on Sleepy Joe's watch thus far. As the examples over the last couple days illustrate, all the news outlets, be it the corrupt democrat-leaning news media such as CNN, MSNBC and broadcast television, or the corrupt republican-leaning media such as Fox News, Newsmax and AM talk radio, provide daily misinformation, half-truths and embellishments. It is America in 2021.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/26/21, at 4:00 AM EST: Protests and riots continue around the world as citizens demonstrate against lockdowns, mandates and vaccine passes. Police are trying to control social unrest in Sydney, Paris and on the Greek Islands. In Brazil, the street protests have not diminished even as daily cases pull back. Brazilians want President Bolsonaro's head for his incompetent handling of the pandemic. Protesters demand his resignation and also want more vaccine for the people. The UK tags the 5.7 million total cases sad milestone. On the positive side, UK daily cases continue paring back. UK Health Minister Javid says people should not "cower" from coronavirus in a tweet that is quickly deleted. Javid says he made a poor choice of words. Over 129K UK citizens have died from COVID-19. Javid's popularity is on par with a used car salesman as irate citizens complain that he denigrates people trying to keep themselves and their families safe. The UK's app that ping's smartphones telling Brit's to isolate for 10 days if you have come into contact with someone testing positive, is causing disarray in society. The app is creating a "pingdemic" telling tens of thousands of workers in the food and transportation industries to isolate. Worker shortages are creating major disruptions with businesses struggling to place items on shelves and bus and truck drivers sidelined. Fancy technology creates the "pingdemic." PM Johnson is considering a 'vaccination pass' for events where over 20K people are attending. The football league is expected to support the idea. UK nightclubs will begin requiring proof of vaccination in September. Interestingly, it may lead to a new underground music culture and scene where the castaways, the unvaccinated, congregate. A lot can change (for the positive) in a couple months, however.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/26/21, at 4:30 AM EST: Some good news on the global front. The world's chart of daily new cases shows the 7-day MA trend line rolling over. The India B1617 variant (delta) may be running its course and brighter days are ahead for the world. Daily deaths continue trending higher for the world but with cases rolling over, deaths should follow in a few days. Turkey reports over 14K daily new cases another record for the current wave. Where's Erdogan? Bueller? Erdogan? Iran remains in bad shape. Cases in France pull back but it is only one day. Italy cases remain elevated albeit off yesterday's top. Italy is imposing a 'green pass' next month that allows vaccinated people access to public venues. Riots and protests are increasing across Europe. Germany crosses the 92K deaths grim milestone but daily cases are remaining in check. The Netherlands, that experienced the exponential spike in cases into the peak on 7/16/21, sees cases falling ever since. Japan cases continue pulling back from the Friday peak when the Olympics ceremony occurred. The news is not good in Malaysia that reports over 17K daily new cases the highest ever. Indonesia cases peaked on 7/15/21 and thankfully are decreasing ever since. Malaysia is the epicenter of the pandemic along with Thailand that reports record cases over 15.3K the highest ever. Vietnam remains in bad shape. Ditto Myanmar that reports the deadliest day ever, again. Kazakhstan reports the most daily cases ever and the deadliest day ever with the exception of 5/22/21. The China Flu is knocking at China's border door asking its parents to let it back inside.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/26/21, at 5:00 AM EST: The US reports 13.8K daily new cases for Sunday far below Saturday's 37.2K cases. Last Sunday, the US cases were 32.2K. This is very encouraging news. It gets better. The 7-day MA trend line for US daily new cases rolls over for two days running peaking at 50.0K cases, then 49.4K cases yesterday and now 46.5K daily cases. For today and tomorrow, the cases need to remain below 46.5K to keep dragging the 7-day MA lower. Perhaps the Delta variant is a pig in a poke? Missouri cases are pulling back off the peak. Missouri is at a 15% test positivity rate which is elevated but it is surprising it is not above 20% considering the doom and gloom stories every 10 minutes. The Sunday data paints a rosier picture for the US but it is usually the lightest data day of the week. Florida's cases are not posted as yet. Texas and California cases show strong pullbacks yesterday but it is Sunday numbers. Nevada remains ugly. The pandemic roller coaster ride continues. The India variant outbreaks around the world, and in US states, generally create quick sharp spikes in daily new cases but many of the waves are subsiding just as fast and may be short-lived. Provincetown, Massachusetts, reimposes an indoor mask mandate for everyone as over 200 cases occur after the Independence Day celebrations and parties.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/26/21, at 10:00 AM EST: The cable news outlets are preaching doom and gloom with coronavirus cases ramping strongly higher. However, the CDC charts and data are a few days behind so the teleprompter readers are literally broadcasting yesterday's news. That's funny. The CDC COVID Data Tracker provides the daily cases chart which continues ramping higher because the data only goes to Friday. The Wordometer data is through yesterday, Sunday. Look at the 7-day MA's for each chart. Do you see it? The CDC chart is going up reinforcing the doom and gloom on television, however, the Worldometer chart clearly shows the 7-day rolling over. Thus, the CDC chart will likely show its 7-day MA trend line rolling over in a couple days. Another prime example of America mediocrity. The CDC is informing the public with data that is at least 3 days old, that news outlets use for stories, touting it as the latest gospel, when in fact people are making major decisions on information that is a half-week old. Wave that flag shamelessly for America mediocrity. It is interesting to watch in real-time how the news reports make people fearful when all the viewers have to do is refer to non-CDC data to get the most up to date information. Media outlets also quote weekly charts which lag what is happening in real-time depending on which day of the week the data ends. The CDC has to step up its game. If Worldometer can provide the data quickly, so can the CDC. The bigwigs at the CDC may have the data and charts in real-time but they purposely hold it back 3 days before it is released to the public. The country is going downhill as crony capitalism ends but the CDC will be given the benefit of the doubt and the delay in the charts and data can simply be chalked up to incompetence. Right now, the CDC chart should reflect data through Sunday, not Friday.

Note Added Monday Morning, 7/26/21, at 11:00 AM EST: Big-mouth New York City Mayor de Blasio decrees that all city employees must be vaccinated by 9/13/21 or weekly covid tests will be required. Get down on your knees and roll up your sleeves. The mandate includes schools, NYPD, NYFD and EMS technicians. The AMA (American Medical Association), American Nurses association and Association of American Medical Colleges find 50 doctors to sign a paper that says vaccinations should be mandated for all healthcare workers. Get down on your knees. California democrat Governor Newsom waves the vaccine mandate banner requiring shots for all government employees and if refused, the worker must submit to 2 COVID-19 tests per week. Get down on your knees. Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams is advocating for mandatory vaccines and says the pandemic is "spiraling out of control." If everyone is getting down on their knees, who is standing?

Note Added Monday Afternoon, 7/26/21, at 3:00 PM EST: President Biden and the Whitehouse are not coming clean about how many staff members are testing positive for COVID-19. Politicians pray at the altar of non-transparency daily. It is one of the two key reasons crony capitalism is in its last throes in America. The other is, as would be expected, human greed (corruption). Biden likely does not want anyone to think the Whitehouse is a covid-infected nest like the days of Trump. Also, everyone is likely vaccinated so any reported cases on the staff are probably breakthrough cases and the Whitehouse shows a desire to stifle negative information that may deter people from getting vaccinated. Biden says the US Department of Veterans Affairs will require all frontline healthcare workers to get vaccinated. Biden said he would not mandate vaccines and was happy for a while to see the private sector mandating shots. However, probably due to frustration over failing to attain the '70% of US adults vaccinated with at least one dose' goal, Sleepy Joe wakes-up and jumps into action. He forces the Vet's to get down on their knees, and roll up their sleeves with a Federal vaccine mandate. The president likely wants businesses to impose vaccine mandates and figures if he did it first with the Veterans Administration, it will provide cover for the companies, schools, hospitals and universities that follow, if any follow. Biden says "sometimes" the people suffering long-covid symptoms would qualify for disability.