Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SSEC Shanghai Index Daily Chart PBOC Defending the 200-Day MA Sideways Symmetrical Triangle

The PBOC (China's centrla bank) is defending the 200-day MA at 3640 by all means necessary. Bad things will begin happening in China and globally if this critical moving average fails. The stakes are high. Intervention by the Beijing communists has already saved the day four times over the last two months; can the Chinese communists keep stick-saving the market forever?

The indicators are lining out sideways not tipping their hand just like price staggering sideways inside the sideways symmetrical triangle. The vertical side of the triangle is 800 points so the move from the triangle will be large. If the PBOC wins with their money printing stick-saves and obscene intervention, the SSEC will break out to the upside at 3950 which targets 4750, call it the gap area up at 4800. If the bears win and crush Chinese stocks, the SSEC will collapse from 3700 targeting 2900.

In the near term, today and tomorrow, the 200-day MA at 3640 is the whole bowl of cherries. As this is typed Tuesday evening in the States East Coast time, the SSEC is collapsing -2% to 3675. All hands on deck! The SSEC is collapsing out the bottom of the triangle. The PBOC is frantically defending the 200-day MA now only 35 points away.

Boom; the SSEC is down -2.4% to 3660 only 20 points from the 200-day MA. The Beijing communists are screaming at each other yelling, "Print more money!" Will the 200-day MA fail? This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Note Added 10:03 PM EST (11:03 AM Tokyo time Wednesday morning; 10:03 AM Shanghai, China, time Wednesday morning): The SSEC places a bottom at 3646.75 only 6 points from the 200-day MA and bounces to 3690. The Beijing communists cheer as the PBOC has saved the day once again. There will likely be further tests of the 200-day ahead.

Note Added Wednesday morning, 8/19/15: The SSEC closes at 3795 with the communists pumping the stock market higher into the bell. The PBOC defends the 200-day MA after price dropped to 3558 during the session. The 200-day MA drama will continue this week.

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