Sunday, August 23, 2015

AAPL Apple Daily Chart -20% Bear Market

Apple prints a triple top or even a quadruple top during Feb-May. Price peaks at 133.60 on 2/24/15; 134.54 on 4/28/15; 132.97 on 5/22/15; 132.97 on 7/20/15. The red lines sow the negative divergence spank downs (red arrows). A -10% correction from 135 is 121.50; that gave way almost three weeks ago. A -20% bear market is at 108 and lower. Whoopsies daisies, Apple lost this level and is now in a bear market. At the 105.76 price, AAPL is down -21.4% from the peak top in late April. Quick, run out and buy an iPhone to help them out. The news a few days ago that China smartphone sales drop for the first time ever is dampening the enthusiasm for Apple, other smarphone makers and their suppliers.

There is key support at 105, call it 104-106 exactly where it parked for the weekend. The indicators are positively diverged wanting to see a bounce in price sans the MACD line that is leaking a touch lower. The RSI is dead level with the prior low about three weeks ago so that may slip negative which will require a couple days for a more firm bottoming in price.

AAPL may bounce right away due to the possie d with the RSI, histogram, stochastics and money flow, but then after a day or two retreat again to test the 104-106 area. At that time verify that the MACD line is positively diverged to know a bottom is in and Apple should rally. The 104-106 support should hold, for now, but look at all those juicy gaps at 94-103 that will need filled at some point.

The AAPL weekly chart is sick with chart indicators RSI, MACD linie, stochastics and money flow all indicating lower lows in price desired in early September. Thus, the daily chart above is setting up to bounce but if you decide to ride it higher do not get too greedy; sell it on the bounce since the weekly chart remains ugly and should re-exert itself. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

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