Thursday, October 2, 2014

SPX Monthly Chart Overbot Rising Wedge Negative Divergence; Multi-Year Top In Play

Wonders never cease. After all these many months of Keystone highlighting the monthly chart waiting for the proper top to print, we have arrived. If you recall over the last few months the MACD line continued higher and would not yet negatively diverge (red lines) like the other indicators so price continued to want to print new highs until the MACD line rolled over. Well, the MACD is rolling over. The indicators are negatively diverged across the board as price printed the all-time intraday high at 2019.26 on 9/19/14 and all-time closing high at 2011.36 on 9/18/14 during September. The money flow is flat but with the higher price this qualifies as negative divergence although if the bear's nitpick the preference would be for the money flow to be a tiny hair under the August high rather than flat with the August high. But there is no need to quibble; the chart is cooked. The negative divergence is not only in place for this year's price action but also compared to the 2007 market top. The chart indicates that a multi-year top is in place.

Price may come back up to 2000 again for a look but the neggie d says that price should have no desire to print new highs again gong forward and the long awaited smack down is at hand. The RSI is coming off the ovebot level at 70. The MACD line is rolling over and watch for the negative cross (purple circle). The collapses from rising wedge patterns can be quite dramatic. Watch the 10-month MA at 1913 and 12-month MA at 1899 as key lines in the sand. A drop below the 10-month MA will usher in significant and long-term market weakness. The 12-month MA is one of Keystone's key cyclical market signals, the cliff, and guarantees lower markets for the months perhaps years ahead.

The brown circles show the distribution occurring this year in January, July and September. The large selling volume candlesticks after the lower volume up months are the smart money passing off shares to the retail investor bag holders. Every market top needs suckers and the constant bullish pumping on television and through other media by the long players, that have raped the market upside with the help of the Fed, leads to dumping. Pump and dump. The central banks are the market and would be the only savior since the chart above is cooked and topped out. Watch your wallet and pay attention to the 10-month MA; that is what the old-timer's watch. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not invest based on anything you read or view here. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

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