Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Summary of America's Fake News Bias on Election Day 11/6/18

by K E Stone (Keystone the Scribe and The Keystone Speculator)

Non-biased news in America has gone the way of the penny loafer. Unbiased and impartial news reporting and journalism in the United States is as rare as hen’s teeth. Each news source you follow is slanting the news story towards either the Republican Party or Democrat Party manipulating American minds. What better day to review the circus than today, Mid-Term Election Day, 11/6/18.

The US is a two-party crony capitalism system. This article explains the news bias in the US that must be considered when absorbing any information on the internet, radio or television.

The democrat-leaning news sources will always tout former President Obama, Hillary Clinton and progressive and liberal ideals as the greatest thing since sliced bread while denigrating republicans. At the same time, the republican-leaning news sources place President Trump on a pedestal praising every decision as genius. The republican media touts conservative ideals (even though most republicans no longer believe in fiscal conservatism as evidenced by the obscene Keynesian spending over the last nine years by both parties) while bashing democrats. America has become very ill and divided.

The cable news networks practice news sensationalism to attract eyeballs since advertising fees, the mother’s milk of profits, are dependent on viewership. The lip gloss beauties reading the teleprompters display long sexy legs that attract viewers. One pair of shiny legs is longer than the next pleasing the majority of male viewers. Roger Ailes, that ran the Fox News media empire for many years but had to resign in disgrace, then croaked, professed the mantra that “legs equal viewers.”

Botox is on full display at the news networks with talking heads sporting foreheads tighter than a garage band’s snare drum. The female news readers don beautiful custom-tailored dresses at over $500 a pop that highlight their attributes. A first-year marketing student will tell you that “sex sells.” The news networks manipulate minds into loyal democrats or republicans.

News is entertainment nowadays when it used to provide level-headed facts. All news is biased in America. News organizations do not even attempt to hide it anymore. The teleprompter readers comment at the end of each news story reinforcing the network’s bias. It is standard fare for anchors to praise, or denigrate, each news story depending on the networks bias.

President Trump calls out the ‘fake news’ from CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), public television (NPR and PBS), New York Times, Washington Post (owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a democrat) and others on a daily basis highlighting the exaggerated negative bias. The democrat-leaning media is relentless in denigrating Trump and hopes he fails and is removed from office. America used to support the president no matter what party is in the Whitehouse but not anymore. The country has changed. The republican and democrat tribes push their pet agendas instead of what is good for the country as a whole.

There are always two sides of the coin and President Trump conveniently ignores the fake news spewing daily from Fox News, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others that denigrate the democrats while praising republicans and the decisions made by the orange-headed leader of the Free World.

Interestingly, most Americans prefer the middle ground and are very disturbed at the direction the country over the last couple decades. Independent voters are on the rise as many US citizens are fed up and do not want to be associated with either party and the political baby games. Many Americans do not realize that they are actually libertarians in their thinking wanting fiscal responsibility concerning government budgets and tax policy and at the same time do not care what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

But enough of this windbag front matter; all you want to know is what the media bias is in America and who are the major players so without further ado lets expose the nasty truth about the United States media.

You may decide on different percentages of bias after reviewing the lists below but the most educated guess is that about 70% of the news in America is biased towards democrat, liberal and progressive minds while 30% of the news is biased towards republican and conservative thinking.

Democrat, Liberal and Progressive (Left-Leaning) News Outlets, Groups and Organizations Represent About 70% of the US Media
ABC (broadcast television dominated by the left)
CBS (broadcast television)
NBC (broadcast television)
PBS (pubic television)
NPR (public television)
CNN (cable television news)
MSNBC (cable television news)
Bloomberg (cable business news)
Associated Press (AP)
New York Times
Washington Post
LA Times
San Francisco Chronicle
Boston Globe
USA Today
Huffington Post
Media Matters
Brookings Institute
The Economist
American Prospect
Reliable Sources (CNN)
Vox Media
Television Business
Movie Business
Music Business
Publishing Business
Pop Culture
Saturday Night Live (SNL) Comedy Show
Celebrities/The Aspen Elite
Silicon Valley
Colleges and College Professors
LBGTQ Community
Pro-Choice Advocates
Union workers and employees making minimum and low wages tend to favor the left.
The major US cities lean democratic including New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. The states of Virginia, New York, California, Oregon and Washington are left-leaning.

Republican and Conservative (Right-Leaning) News Outlets, Groups and Organizations Represent About 30% of the US Media
Fox News (cable television news)
Rush Limbaugh (talk radio is dominated by the right)
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
Glenn Beck/The Blaze
Laura Ingraham
Hugh Hewitt
Dennis Prager/Prager University
Mark Steyn
Drudge Report
Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
American Spectator
National Review
Washington Times
Daily Caller
Daily Wire
The Federalist
MediaBuzz (Fox News)
National Rifle Association (NRA)
US Chamber of Commerce
The Heritage Foundation
The Religious Right
Pro-Life Advocates
Country Music/Patriotic Anthems
Auto Racing/NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto-Racing)
Upper-middle class professional employees such as attorneys, doctors, engineers and accountants, and high-wage earners, tend to favor the right.
The Midwest and Rust-Belt cities, the Heartland (the center of the United States often referred to as the ‘fly-over country’), lean republican.

Assessing the news bias above yields 70% of media in the democrat camp and the other 30% in the republican camp. America is no longer united and instead has become tribal. Both the republican and democrat ‘tribes’ place their party ahead of what is actually good for the United States. This sad new face of America spells trouble for the United States going forward. Tribal allegiance rules the day. The unified America crumbles.

President Obama had a free ride during his eight years in office since 70% of the media was always on his side praising his decisions and covering up any mistakes. On the other side of the ledger, for example, republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was ridiculed daily by the liberal press during the 2012 presidential race; he never had a chance. It is like playing a football game where the referees are paid off helping one team win. Republicans are at a disadvantage since the news coverage is weighted towards the democrats.

President Obama was the first media selected and elected president in America’s history. Obama never cared much about what he said off the cuff since if he did misspeak, the liberal press would always protect him.

President Trump has a tougher row to hoe since only 30% of the media is supportive to his agenda while the other 70% denigrates the president every 10 minutes. Like it or not, many Americans must accept Trump as president and give him a chance for the sake of the country. President Trump won the election fair and square.

Many Americans receive their daily news from the broadcast television stations such as ABC, CBS and NBC which slant the news in favor of democrats while representing republicans in a bad light. The democrats hold the advantage in the media bias game.

This article changes the way you view the media and news outlets. Monitor the news sources listed above and the bias will smack you squarely in the face. As long as you know how the game is played, you can filter the news and not become a puppet of the establishment republicans and democrats that attempt to control your mind daily.

Use the above knowledge to filter out the news bias. Before consuming any news, first read the byline or reference the lists above to determine which news organization is peddling the left or right-leaning propaganda. Think objectively and independently. A smart American declares a pox on both the republican and democrat houses.

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