Sunday, October 28, 2018

'Tis the Season

Do not forget the disadvantaged as the cold winds blow and the holiday season approaches. Go through your closets and get rid of those old winter coats that you never wear anymore. Donate them to the local thrift store in your area; preferably the stores ran by volunteers since they are more focused on helping the needy directly rather than the bigger commercialized thrift stores. Disadvantaged kids will appreciate a new coat that they can buy for a couple dollars that will keep them warm at the bus stop.

While you are at it, clean out the pantry and get rid of all those cans of vegetables and fruit that you never plan on eating. Throw in a few cans of things you like as well since you can go buy more for yourself. Drop that bag off at the local food bank. The poor, disadvantaged and lower middle class will appreciate it. Typically, you should be able to drop off the winter coats, clothes and canned goods all at the local thrift store, if not, the blue-haired gal's there will be glad to provide you with information.

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